WordPress Basics: Reliable Backup Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Before you continue reading, or drop and go, or close your browser, if you are a blogger using the WordPress blogging platform – have you performed a backup of your WordPress blog lately? If yes, then good for you, if not, continue reading.

When I started blogging 11 months ago, it was only on the 5th month of blogging that I realized I needed to secure all data of my blog (you’ll never know when will you need it), and since I was new to blogging, I found it a challenge how to backup my WordPress blog. Maybe because I wasn’t searching for available plugins to backup my WordPress database, instead I managed to perform a backup “manually” using the mySQL commands.

Until now, I still prefer to backup my WordPress blog manually. But for those newbies (like me), going through the mySQL commands can be very tricky, and for non-techies (like me), it is quite a big challenge. Good thing there are some available “reliable” WordPress backup plugins – reliable since I have used it in many of my blogs and it worked just fine.

Perhaps everyone is already using this, but for those who are new to WordPress, the WP-DB-BACKUP plugin is a reliable backup tool for your WordPress blog.

Where to download the WordPress Database Backup (WP-DB-BACKUP) Plugin?

You can download the WordPress Database Backup Plugin (WP-DB-BACKUP) at Il Filosofo website or at the WordPress Plugins site.

WP-DB-BACKUP WordPress backup plugin allows you to backup your WordPress database core files, and optionally, your other database files such as Plugin data (e.g. Polls, Ratings, Stats, Forms, etc.) at a few clicks of the mouse. It also allows automatic backup scheduling – such as hourly, daily, or weekly and give you an option to either email you the Backup files, or store it in the server for retrieval later.

How to Use WP-DB-BACKUP Plugin:

  1. Click the Manage menu in your WordPress admin area.
  2. Click the Backup sub-menu.
  3. The plugin will look for other tables in the same database. You may elect to include other tables in the backup.
    ** NOTE **
    Including other tables in your backup may substantially increase the size of the backup file! This may prevent you from emailing the backup file because it’s too big.
  4. Select how you’d like the backup to be delivered:
    • Save to server – this will create a file in /wp-content/backup-*/ for you to retreive later.
    • Download to your computer – this will send the backup file to your browser to be downloaded
    • Email - this will email the backup file to the address you specify
  5. Click “Backup!” and your database backup will be delivered to you.
    When having the database backup emailed or sent to your browser for immediate download, the backup file will be deleted from the server when the transfer is finished. Only if you select delivery method “Save to server” will the backup file remain on your server.

Before you go, why not share your experiences about the importance of backing up your data – whether its a blog or just simple files. You can also participate in the Poll below.

Happy weekend everyone!

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13 Responses to “WordPress Basics: Reliable Backup Plugin for WordPress Blogs”

  1. Snow says:

    A very helpful tip B! Thanks for sharing this.

    Merry Christmas bro….


    Snow ^_^

  2. I should have backed up my blog more often :( It used to be once every few days. Now I back it up only before I perform an update

    Michael Aulia´s last blog post..Julian Beever 3D Chalk Drawings

    • bloggista says:

      It’s the opposite for me. LOL, it is never my nature to back up before upgrading my WP to the latest release.

      But since I got the daily backup saved daily, at least now I am blogging with some confidence – even though I’m not posting daily, but the comments and some forms data have to be saved as well, just in case…

  3. Marcus says:

    I have never backed up my wp blog.It will be my second year of blogging next year but I never encountered any problem at all. Will this plugin be necessary? I think not.

    • bloggista says:

      Hmmm, you’re one lucky dude! :-) Hopefully, what happened to Reynz whose site recently was messed up by somebody won’t happen to you… But at least, the Queen have backup files and the site was back in no time.

  4. Angel Cuala says:

    I only had a backup of my blog once, and it’s my friend who did it for me. According to him, it should be done at least once a week depending on your posting frequency.

    With your useful post, I think I can do it by myself now. I may also use this for my upcoming project. I will bookmark this page.

    Thanks for sharing

    Angel Cuala´s last blog post..10 Ways on How to Avoid Child Obesity

    • bloggista says:

      YOu’re welcome Angel… Looking forward to a merrier Christmas and more fruitful new year to come eh? YOu’ve got my wishes too. Hehe… GOD bless you and your family.

  5. ph_investor says:

    Nice post, reminded me to backup my blog, though I am still in the blogger platform. Not really sure when I can move to wordpress, I still have lots of questions like where can I have it hosted, how much, etc. which I intend to research on one of these days, blogger and wordpress are really worlds apart. Thanks for sharing by the way Bloggista!

    ph_investor´s last blog post..Real Estate or Stocks, where do I invest? (Part 2)

  6. thanks !! very helpful post!


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