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Jobjoints.com started as a simple free job posting and job search site, trying to provide an alternative job search site for Filipinos. There are a lot of free job sites in the Philippines already, and Jobjoints.com is no different.

It offers free job posting service – an inexpensive option to bigger paid job sites which collect Php3,000 up to Php10,000 fee per job posted. It’s free, however, all posted jobs are painstakingly reviewed, and only real, valid jobs are approved for publication.

While it doesn’t guarantee that it can eliminate all spam and bogus jobs, it offers job searchers the ability to report jobs which do not comply with the site’s terms of service.

Jobjoints.com is powered by a powerful yet easy to maintain job posting software. Starting from just a few hundreds of job ads, Jobjoints.com now has close to 20,000 jobs posted, with 9,000 jobs currently active.

Its growth however was limited due to a very lousy hosting service, but thankfully, just recently, it has transferred to a better and faster semi-dedicated VPS server.

Currently, it doesn’t allow companies and job advertisers to manage posted jobs as well as track responses and applications, but soon, this feature will be available with the roll-out of the new Employer Management interface.

With this, companies can now have their own dashboard, track performance of posted jobs, as well as view applications sent online, rather than via email. Likewise, Job Searchers will have their own dashboards too, save multiple version of CV’s/Resume and track applications online as well.

Jobjoints.com is changing, and improving – to serve job posters and job searchers better. Check out Jobjoints.com today – for featured job listing, advertising and sponsorship.

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2 Responses to “Featured Website: Jobjoints.com – Job Search Philippines”

  1. Rupert says:

    Is jobjoints.com Filipino owned?
    Hope it can compete jobstreet on job search niche arena :)

    • Bloggista says:

      Hi Rupert, yes, it’s Filipino-owned, however, it is not competing against jobstreet or any other paid job posting sites.

      Hopefully with the new features rolling out soon, it may offer some services these paid job sites give but for free :-)

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