Post Update:

“The positions have been filled up but feel free to send your CV’s/Resume for considerations in future projects. Thank you.”

Not a long time ago, I posted job requirement for Oracle Consultants, this time my boss at ERPBiz, a young but visionary Philippine Consulting Company which provides SaaS-On Demand ERP and CRM applications, Oracle and SAP Implementation Services, ERP Resource Outsourcing and BPO just told me we are in need of quite a number of SAP Consultants. It will be a mix of experienced SAP Consultants who can support implementation requirements and issues, preferably in FICO (Finance and Control) and BI (Business Intelligence), and SAP Trainees who fall under the following group:

  • SAP Users who might want to make a career shift in Business Consulting supporting SAP Business Applications.
  • Experienced, or at least people who are familiar with the standard Finance business processes (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Fixed Assets, Financial Reporting, etc.), preferably those who are accounting graduates and/or CPA’s.
  • Fresh Graduates, especially those with good knowledge in Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Costing and Finance Reporting. Preference will be given to graduates in Accounting, Business Management and Industrial or Management Engineering. If you are a Certified Public Accountant, you have an edge.

Experienced SAP Consultants and current SAP Users can look forward to an immediate deployment. Check out the SAP Jobs requirements at for details on how to apply. Make sure to indicate your current salary, as well as your expected Salary package.

For Career Shifters and Fresh Graduates, this is your chance to be trained in SAP Applications, a rare opportunity to learn and be a Consultant if you are able to complete the rigorous training. ERP Consultants like Oracle or SAP are rare “commodity”, since access to these applications for training is very limited and costly.

Training new SAP Consultants became an option since the experience SAP Consultants, just like their counterpart Oracle Consultants are too pricey only too few Clients can afford them.

Rewards? You can ask my friend and fellow blogger Ambo, he knows what opportunities lie ahead if you are an SAP Consultant. Go check out the SAP Trainees Job Post at and don’t forget to indicate your current Salary (if you are employed) and your expected Salary.

Note: All applicants will be screened, and will undergo a SAP Training Program. Joining the SAP Training Program is not a guarantee however, that you will eventually be considered for deployment Client projects. Clients will evaluate which trainees they will consider.