You can count on me,

If your advocacy is to fight corruption in government,

Or fight for equality and justice of the oppressed;

Or inform people of issues that affect them,

Or promote freedom of speech and expression in the streets, in media and in blogosphere.

But never,

When you impose your own rules and standards to others;

When you think blogging is only for the gifted.

Where you draw a line between the supposed “real writers” and “wannabees”;

When you discriminate bloggers who earn from their blogs.

When you call them names, when you curse them,

When you wish they’ll rot in hell for selling their souls,

When you think you and your kind are superior,

And imply your authority by calling them to rally behind you,

Policing the ranks against those not in your league.

There’s already too much hypocrisy and self-righteousness in our society, let’s leave the Blogosphere as the only place to have true independence, where anyone can freely thrive whether he can write and use the English language well just like you or not, whether he is sponsored by some companies or politicos or is simply monetizing with Adsense, sponsored post and product reviews.

Whether he drives traffic using SEO, whether his posts are all crap to your tastes, as long as he doesn’t hurt or scammed anyone, let him be. What’s wrong with it anyway?

To each his own.