It was frustrating for sometime since I started blogging last January. I just can’t embed some HTML codes and any javascript code in my WordPress blog. Somehow, the codes get distorted whenever I click on Publish button.

When started accepting free blog hosting, the only valuable plugin I installed to allow embedding videos is the YouTube plugin from Gecko. It was cool, and one of’s valued blogger, Mosaico, has been using the plugin with ease.

But Mosaico, who seemed to have been cookin’ some real nice blog, wanted to embed more videos aside from YouTube. Fortunately, I came across this very simple plugin – EmbedIt. It allows embedding of HTML and any javascript code on the fly, utilizing the built in Custom Code in WordPress.

To make it work, just the follow these simple steps:

>>> Download and install the plugin.

  1. To embed any HTML or javascript code (video, Google ads, etc.) in your Post, scroll down to ‘Custom Fields‘.
  2. In the “Key” Field, type your field code, e.g. HTML1
  3. Paste the HTM/Javascript code
    1. ex. < object height =”355″ width =”425″>
      < param name =”movie” value =””>< /param>
      < param name =”wmode” value =”transparent”>< /param>< embed src=”http://www.” type =”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode =”transparent” height =”355″ width =”425″>< /embed>< /object>
  4. Click on ‘Add Custom Code‘ to save your Custom Code: HTML1
  5. Insert the custom code wherever you want it to appear in your Post by using the following tag: [ c o d e ]. In this example, I will embed HTML1 with the above HTML codes by using the tag, [ H T M L 1 ].

Sample Video embed: Rare Pepsi vs. Coke commercial

Below is an example of inserting Google Ads in the body of your Post.


For more detailed instructions, check out EmbedIt plugin author’s blog at Robin Good.