Shoes are flying lately, on global TV, thanks to the hero (or villain) who gave George W. Bush his pair of shoes – a fitting gesture to “shoe” the Dubya away from Iraq.

As for Reyna Elena, the “fairy blog mother” and Queen of the Art of Social Climbing, you can throw “her” a pair of Black or Brown Mendrez shoes, size 8 and a half. You can also include another pair for me if you feel really generous this Christmas, size 10 and a half.

So I am talking about Shoes. And Money. Some people said you’ll know a person’s status in life on the shoes he’s wearing. Probably the reason why Madam Imelda once have hundreds of pairs of shoe collections. For some it’s a status symbol, while others it’s an addiction, or part of shopping addiction.

For me its just simply a necessity. I was never particular of the brand of the shoes I bought, and never will. Right now I am wearing a Php350.00 pair of shoes. It feels comfortable. I am not brand conscious, and I don’t care what other people say about the shoes I am wearing.

But I do have a pair of Lacoste and Bally shoe, and 2 pairs of less expensive Florsheim, but all were given to me. I could not imagine myself buying an expensive shoe. Once in Greenbelt Mall some years ago, I saw this really nice looking brown leather shoe, tried it and simply loved it. Then I looked at the tag, and told the pretty saleslady that I wanted to buy two pairs, black and brown. The girl gave me that big-eye-surprised-look and then a cutie smile. Then it was time to pay, she handed me a sales invoice worth Php36,000.00! Owwww, I thought the tag was Php1800.00, another look and voila! Somebody must have put another zero…

I went out of the shop (I forgot the name of that shoe shop though… Fergmo… oh, never mind I could not remember anymore) with a promise to go back there someday when I have the extra money to splurge. But it never happened, not because I don’t have the money to buy, but simply because it’s not my nature to buy pricey shoes. I have earned a few bucks through online passive income and blogging, more than enough to buy two pairs of that shoe.

When you are making money online, there’s always this tendency to splurge once in a while. After all, the money you earned is mostly passive, although many bloggers are actually putting lots of hardwork and time to earn online. They use the money to pay the utility bills, pay the rent, some are saving to buy a house or a car. For whatever purpose, many bloggers have turned to blogging to earn some extra cash using adsense, paid reviews, sponsored posts – a reality that I value with so much respect and admiration.

How about you? How’s your income from blogging? Would you show it off for everyone to see? Perhaps I will if I earn in Adsense as much as the Great Don Ser. But there’s nothing wrong with showing how much you earn anyway, its enough motivation for the other bloggers like me who want to earn money online.

Do you like bloggers who earn money from blogging? Or you hate and condemn them?

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