As I was blog hopping to find some real nice blogs, I saw this post from Karlo over at regarding the new Terms of Service of Google AdSense. I received my PIN the other week, though I took time to read the new TOS, I didn’t noticed the new terms, maybe because I was not really paying attention much on the details.

Google new TOSAdmittedly, I don’t know anything about this stuff, and how to prepare it. Keeping in check with the Privacy Policy requirements, I made some draft for myself. The new Privacy Policy, as Google stated in its TOS, should inform visitors of the site about data collection, what types of personal information are collected, how they are collected, and how are these information being used by the site.

The Privacy Policy should also clearly state how the visitor can opt not to have his/her information collected (i.e. cookie management, web beacons, etc.)

There is actually a site that can help to generate your own Privacy Policy, however, I found it a bit hard to use, and some are not relevant.

Thus I decided to draft my own – perhaps some of you guys may copy mine and suggest more useful inputs to make it look better.

Check out my new Privacy Policy page. One thing I noticed, immediately after I created the page, good Uncle Google spent 20 minutes on my new Privacy Policy page. That was very, hmmm, interesting.