Starting today, as part of my learning process in driving traffic to my make money online blog, I will be exploring ways and simple methods to generate real traffic. At the same time, experiment on these and find out if they are truly effective.

yahoooo-answers.jpgYou are then welcome to give your comments on what you think about the things that I am featuring here.

Yahoo Answers 2I am also making available the ‘re-branded’ e-books on the subject matter for you guys to download and try it for yourselves.

First is a simple traffic generation through Yahoo! Answers. I have tried this for over a week now, and I must say, it did gave me some quality traffics to my blog (plus a few sign-ups on my affiliate links!).

It counts on the number of potential members of Yahoo! Answers (we are talking about 90 millions of members worldwide – making Yahoo! Answers the largest knowledge-sharing site) who may visit your site by providing really helpful tips and answers to some of its members’ questions. This may require a bit of time, but, getting started as usual is a challenge, but after a few days of doing so, and seeing those results, you wouldn’t mind the effort required, and, its becoming enjoyable everyday.

Try it out! And please leave your comments. Also, download the free e-Book – you can have it free.

Download >>> Bloggista e-Book: Yahoo Answers