It’s funny some visits to this blog come from search engine users typing for such search terms as “money and god“, “sex“, “how big is the internet“, “most popular web pages” among others. Well, just in case you’re bored, just like me, you might want to know that:

Money is more popular than God in the internet. A quick search engine search yields the following indexed pages of “money” versus “god”:

  • Money: 1,100,000,000 (Google), 5,730,000,000 (Yahoo!)
  • God: 504,000,000 (Google), 1,770,000,000 (Yahoo!)

“Sex” has more pages than God as well (762,000,000 in Google, 2,270,000,000 in Yahoo!).

“Family” has 1.270 billion pages indexed in Google while there are about 6.120 billion pages indexed in Yahoo!. Google has 1.760 billion pages for “Love”, while Yahoo! indexed about 5.710 billion pages.

How big is the world wide web? Well G,ooo,ooo,ooo, knows. They claimed they have indexed more than a trillion of web pages so far! is currently keeping about 85 billion of webpage archives since 1996.

Most Popular Searches in the Internet

Britney Spears is the most searched “term” in the internet in 2008, according to Yahoo!. She also held the number 1 spot in the Top 10 Searches for 2007. WWE (World Wresling Entertainment) and Barack Obama came second and third place, respectively. Naruto, a popular Japanese anime, occupied the 7th spot of the Top 10 Searches in 2008 released by Yahoo! Buzz. Follow the link for the complete list.

So there, hope these “uninteresting” figures took away your boredom too. So now get back to work! But before you go, do share some of your thoughts.