These past few days, I noticed a sudden spike of my traffic stats. Being new to this make money online blogging stuff, traffic statistics is the second most information I check every time I go online – (the first one is my meager AdSense earnings LOL).

Stumbleupon trafficThough numbering less than a hundred visits each time, Stumbleupon did sent some traffics to my site for a few days now! Even more than what Entrecard traffic gave me in a week. This was quite an awesome experience, even if it’s nothing compared to Michael’s Stumble traffic experience a few days back.

I have seen some reviews about the quality of traffic Stumbleupon generates. Some are great, others are not so good. However, just like Entrecard, a site hit is still traffic for newbie bloggers.

And with Stumbleupon and its millions of members, getting some attention from its Stumblers is already a great accomplishment, so far.

This was actually one of the things that I have been experimenting lately. And how to drive traffic from is one of them. As most would agree, to make money online with your blog, quality traffic is a must. And its synonymous with quality and interesting blog contents.

Have you been Stumbled lately? Please leave your feedback. Your comment is worth 10 entrecredits. 🙂