Planning to run a government post in 2010 Elections? Then first, according to the Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, you need to have the 3 most important things: first – money, second – money, and third – money.

That’s a lot of money every candidate needs in order to win in the Philippine elections. And he needs enough money to give himself  an armored vehicle too.

Recently, orders are up for armored vehicles from several politicians and aspirants in preparation for the 2010 elections. Most of them are saying having an armored vehicle is a must.

Armoring a front portion of a standard-sized SUV costs about USD7,500.00 – almost enough to buy you a good second-hand car. Full vehicle armoring could well cost between USD40,000 to USD80,000, depending on the size of the car or vehicle.

Some of the politicians defended their need of an armored vehicle. In far-flung provinces and “hot spot” areas, on-board an armored vehicle while doing their campaign sorties will give so much peace of mind and provide the much needed safety.

Now that’s a lot of money to spend to get elected and look forward to receiving a monthly salary of less than a thousand dollars a month. Quite amazing for a country where 47% are considered themselves poor.  A wise investment don’t you think?

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