The first time I made myself involved with earning some money online, I signed up with A.W. Surveys. I was thrilled – just by signing alone, it made me earn my first USD6.00. Then after completing all the available surveys – I had an easy USD27.00 in my account – though I need to accumulate USD75.00 before I can claim my earnings. So I had to make referrals – my first time doing such thing, because with each referral who signed up, A.W. Surveys gives me additional USD1.25 to my earnings.

AW Survey make money onlineThen I came across several reviews regarding Scams online, and unfortunately, A.W. Survey was included in some of the lists from different people. I got worried, since I had some friends referred to the program. Thus, I stopped making referrals actively for some time and almost forgot about it. But when I checked out my A.W. Survey account last week, surprisingly, my earnings apparently grew to more than USD75.00. I still have some doubts with A.W. Survey being a trustworthy referral program – but since it didn’t asked me any fee – I figured somehow I try to claim the earnings.

So then I clicked on the ‘Redeem Button‘ and chose payment by PayPal (where they would deduct USD25.00 for some fees – the other option was free via USPS but it’s not available in my country). It showed a message that they would review the earnings and referrals if they were valid and not cheats. Then I forgot the whole thing.

But a while ago as I was checking on my PayPal account, I noticed an increase in my funds. And it was from A.W. Surveys! Whew! USD50.00 is just small but coming from a program I thought to be a scam, I was awed! Maybe its time to re-think about this program – a very easy way to make money online program.AW surveys payment proof

You think A.W. Surveys is a scam? I’ve attached the proof here, I just thought maybe this make money online program thru surveys deserves some consideration after all.

Let me know your feedbacks and perhaps, experiences with A.W. Surveys. Your comment is worth 10 entrecredits. 🙂 I’m feeling a bit “generous” now. LOL