When I woke up this morning, my senses told me to check out where to watch the Obama Inauguration online live. And the internet is full of Obama articles.

Obama ruled the blogosphere today. Even Pinoy blogosphere is full of Obama stuffs: online streaming links, Obama inauguration schedules, Obama Inaugural preparations, Obama inauguration videos, Obama inauguration speech.

Even the morning news on TV was reporting about Obama. For a change, I tuned in to an AM radio station and the news and commentaries were also mostly about Obama.

Never in history that an inauguration of a US President, or the US President-elect himself received such a worldwide attention as Barack Obama is enjoying. Could Obama’s inauguration become the most watched event this year? Others are saying it could even surpass the Super Bowl, where close to 100 million people tuned in to watch.

How many people will watch the Obama inauguration worldwide? 100 million viewers? This one is a worldwide event. The Bejing Olympics Opening Ceremony attracted more than 2 billion viewers worldwide. The Football World Cup in Germany in 2006 had an average of 1.2 billion viewers per match. In 1981, the TV coverage of Prince Charles – Diana wedding attracted a worldwide TV audience of 750 Million. Princess Diana’s funeral was watched by about 2.5 billion worldwide.

And we are only talking about TV.

Technology has improved a lot in recent years that it is expected millions of people will also be watching the Obama Inauguration online through streaming media and on mobile phones. Imagine all the money earned by Publishers, Traditional and Internet Media companies from those millions of viewers.

Sure its more than the estimated USD160 million cost of the Obama Inaugural – expected to be the most expensive inaugural in US history. Or is it still Bush who holds the record?

Even Obama look-alikes are everywhere.

Recently, Philippine TV played host to one of Barack Obama’s look-alike from Indonesia. Photographer Ilham Anas is cast in a “funny” commercial with a local popular President Arroyo impersonator, “Ate Glow”.

People loved it.

The commercial showed President Arroyo in an “official dinner” with President Obama who happened to have dyspepsia. Below is the YouTube video (pardon for almost like endorsing the product featured, but no I am not).


Let’s make a roundup of Pinoy Bloggers who posted an Obama article. If your site is not on the list, feel free to “spam” my comment form by leaving a link to your post. (Some of the links “stolen” from the Queen)

Photos/Images Credit: Reuters / Guardian.co.uk