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Getting a million traffic – free and/or earn for every download!

As a consequence of the rise in web site marketing, traditional link building strategies have become less useful and more difficult, but there are marketing techniques which still work extremely well indeed. This article is about how to get a massive number of web site visitors from a free system which promotes your website both online $and offline by viral means.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with less conventional ways to get traffic and I’m going to tell you about one system in particular which I believe opens up almost an entire untapped resource.
For any Internet entrepreneur, web site advertising is always going to be vital to your online business. But link building is not the only way to increase your traffic. Have you tapped into some of the new and exciting ways to get traffic that require almost no investment of time whatsoever?

Web site traffic is the life blood of any site. Without it you can’t make money or generate leads. Lately I have noticed that with the rapid growth in web site creation and promotion tools it’s become much more of a chore to get a new site noticed as everyone is fighting it out for links. Viral techniques however, still work very well indeed but few people seem to know how to fully capitalize on them. In reality, many webmasters fail to exploit these at all and even when they do it’s almost always “online” marketing techniques that get used. But you can also promote a web site “offline” virally and the system I want to tell you about exploits both. This is a very powerful tool in your search for more web site traffic.

Have you even considered automated viral “offline” web site advertising? The answer is probably “No” and if not then you have been missing out on a huge almost untapped promotional opportunity. It’s a fact that there are many millions of people who have computers, spend a great deal of time online but who do not have websites. Can you imagine how good it would be if they worked to give your web site traffic?

Sure, they cannot promote your site either by posting an article or by linking to your site but despite this they can still play a vital part in helping your web site advertising as long as they have the tools and the motivation to do it.

What these millions of people do have is the power to distribute information offline for you about your website which can be even more powerful than online promotion. This massive offline resource is almost completely ignored when it comes to stimulating web traffic because few people have worked out how to tap into it. Recently though, a brilliant British programmer has created a free to use system which allows you to exploit this huge resource to the full in order to promote your web site or even affiliate url.

Without going into detail there’s no doubt that it can simply explode your web site traffic by means of simple mathematical principles and some basic psychology. This is the only system I know of which anyone can use for web site advertising and which combines online and offline advertising together which is why it’s so powerful.

It’s radical design encourages a natural exponential growth and all you have to do to promote your own web site is to update it for free and then give it away. This deceptively simple strategy gives you ready access to a staggeringly large number of people who do have access to the Interntet and who will become your web site visitors.

You can download the free software here at Bloggista.com | get traffic hits and make money online and you’ll also find a link through to the press release on the same page which explains in detail exactly how it works.