The deal is off – no more Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight on May, 2009. I still like to believe the deal still has some chances to succeed, after all, we boxing fans of the world, want a great boxing match between two great fighters who are “hungry for honors”.

Or, are boxers these days hungry for more money? It seems the Pacquiao-Hatton slug fest won’t push through because of only one reason – no obviously not about honor, recognition, championship belt – but money.

Before, boxing fights are negotiated between promoters, but these days, boxers themselves dictate the terms. A positive development, I should say, since boxers should get a bigger share and earn more than promoters and businessmen. But there is a danger of fights not happening if a boxer feels that money is not worth every punch that lands on his face.

After all, who does not want “more money?”

By the way, for us who speak the Visayan dialect, Manny and Money may sound the same. So what does ‘bai Pacquiao afraid of?

Not earning as much money as expected? (certainly, 10% difference is so much already when you’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars).

Or is Manny afraid of Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton? I prefer to think of Manny as becoming a bit greedy now, than becoming one big “talawan nga sunoy”. Cockadoodle doo! Prrrk prrrrk prrrrk potaaaakkk???.

Chicken soup, anyone?

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