My friend Metz of Empty Streets was wondering what I have been doing lately – as he noticed some weird stuffs on this blog the past few days. No, it was not about Super Bowl 2009, or Super Bowl 43 (been experimenting on these keywords in some unknown sites of mine over the past days).

You might have probably noticed it too. This blog is actually using a different version of  WordPress since the original idea was to provide a free wordpress-powered blog to anyone who wanted to have a wordpress blog for free. But when I acquired, I decided to make my personal blog site, and moved the free wordpress-powered blog  hosting to

Just recently, the great people over at came up with a 2.7 version (a few months late after the release of the 2.7 regular wordpress version). So the other day, I upgraded this site – and also installed the MobilePress plugin to make this site mobile-ready.

So if you are browsing using your phone (blackberry, iphone, any mobile phone), you will be automatically redirected to the | Mobile Edition.

By the way, I made a very “serious” error during the upgrade process. I forgot to rename my index-install.php file thus for about 60 seconds, my site was vulnerable to everyone. And I was too late before I was able to rename the file. Somebody quickly “stole” the site by changing the admin email, and the guy was able to change the password.

But since I was able to “cripple” the site, the guy could not do anything much, however, I could not log in to the backend as well. I had to open myPhp Admin, looked for the admin user and manually changed the admin email. The guy changed the admin email to, thus any attempt to change the password, WordPress sent it to this email address.

And all this happened in less than 3 minutes! My “stupidity” cost me almost a disaster, though there’s not much in value on this site except for my visitors’ precious comments.

Well after 365 days of juggling between really busy work and blogging, there’s not much accomplishment to proclaim to the world except for all the friends I “earned” from blogging. But for the next 365 days, I resolve to work harder as a blogger, despite the major challenges of allocating free time to blog, and of course “writing good contents” – a skill I simply don’t have.

Other stuffs?

A look at the new concepts over at has been neglected for quite some time. Now despite my really busy sked, I am slowly upgrading it and added some new concepts to the site like:

  • Latest News and Blogosphere buzz site – you can now read some of the interesting Pinoy News (news from the Philippines) and the world over at
  • Added a Free Classified Ads section – so anyone can post Free Ads in various categories like Real Estate, Products, Services, Jobs/Employment, etc.
  • I have also added a Community Blogging section called you.Blog – where anyone can contribute a story (any story, tagalog, taglish, english, bisaya). All submissions are reviewed before publication. Regular contributors will then be given Contributor access – and a revenue-sharing option will be implemented.
  • And lastly, I have opened (now in BETA) a Social Network Section called myBloggita Connect ::
    • myBloggista Connect is a Social Network Site for Pinoy (and even non-Filipinos) Bloggers and readers. It aims to connect the bloggers and the readers through a common site where they can interact, create groups, create group blogs, group forums.
    • myBloggista Connect also allows individual blogs, private pages, private forum, add friends, upload videos, share files – everything a Social Network site does.

Launch the Referral Program for the ERPBiz products and services

A few months back I announced that I will be launching a referral program for the products and services offered at ERPBiz. These Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP and CRM products can dramatically reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining business softwares to as much as 70% for SME’s and even for larger companies.

Affiliates will earn USD100 to USD500 (or even more) for every successful referral. The guidelines will be published soon, as well as the creatives (banners, landing pages, ads, etc.)

That’s all for now. I thank all of you, visitors and regular readers for making my first year of being part of the blogosphere truly exciting and a wonderful learning experience.