google-feedburnerI have been ignoring Google’s previous messages about their plan to “retire” Feedburner after acquiring it last year.

But since they will discontinue the Feedburner service on February 28, 2009, there’s no other option but to transfer all of my Feedburner feeds to my Google accounts.

The transfer was supposed to be really easy, however, during the transfer process, an error prevented Google to transfer all my feeds (more than a dozen of them).

After 3 weeks since I encountered that glitch, finally all my feeds were now moved to my Google account and I have just updated all my WordPress theme templates and links (it was a pain since most of my themes were heavily customized). By the way, you need a Google Account to do so, but if you are already a Google user – blogspot, gmail, adsense, analytics – then there’s no need unless you want to have a separate Google account just for feeds management.

Why it is necessary to move your blog feeds to Google?

  • If you are using Feedburner to redirect your feeds, all of your feeds will not be delivered to your readers after February 28, 2009. If they click on the feed links, they will get a 404 error or Page Not Found error.
  • Google Adsense for Feeds works only on Google accounts – so if you want to make extra money out of your feeds, then you should transfer asap.
  • Of course we just have to trust Google when it says feed management and delivery will be using their Technology – whatever that means, it should mean one thing – better than before.

How to transfer your Feedburner accounts to Google Accounts?

Pretty simple as I mentioned (and probably you won’t get the error I got a few weeks back).

  • Log in to your Feedburner account (, and a welcome message pops up asking you to Move your feeds to Google.
  • Follow the steps and you should be okay – just wait for the confirmation that all of your feeds were successfully transferred.

Once the transfer is complete, take note of the new link to your feed – usually Also, the Feed Email Subscription form changed, you should update your blog templates or sidebar widgets so that new subscribers use the correct subscription links.

How to ensure that all of your blog’s feeds are “redirected” to the new Feedburner location?

If you want to be sure, you can download the Feedsmith plugin if you are blogging on a self-hosted WordPress. Once you entered your new Feed location, Feedsmith ensures all of your site’s feeds are redirected properly.

For Blogspot users, just go to your Blog Settings > Site Feed and type the new Feed uri.

If you love to do it manually – edit your .htaccess file and add the following code:

[sourcecode language=’php’]

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner
RewriteRule ^index.xml$ [R,L]


So if you’re one of the few who have not made the move to Google accounts, better do it now! And oh, Google said that for a few days, analytics and subscriber counts will have to be adjusted – so from 186 subscribers, my Feed Dashboard now shows ZERO subscriber.

If you want to find out if the transfer really works before you try it yourself, why not subscribe to via your favorite RSS Feed reader or via Email – if you have not done it yet! LOL.