I am working on this new project lately just for fun – building “just another social networking site for pets“.

Sometime ago, I acquired the domain wwww.petnetwork.ws through my GDI affiliate program and thought of creating an alternative yet functional social network site for pet lovers out there.

With Petnetwork, pet lovers can:

  • Create a unique profile shared across the pet social network
  • Create forum and groups (example – Cat Lovers Group)
  • Join other forum discussion and groups
  • Add friends, follow friends, send messages (private or public) to friends
  • Create a blog for your pet, or individual blogs for each of your pets
  • Plus many more features to be rolled out soon

One main advantage of this new social network site is that it uses the familiar and popular CMS platform, WordPress.

One account allows each pet lover to create one or multiple blogs or site for pets, using the format http://yourpet.petnetwork.ws .

Each member can even “monetize” or make money by serving ads (like Google Adsense).

I also plan to put up revenue-sharing scheme sitewide soon – just to help out in paying some hosting expenses, and soon be able to host it on a dedicated server.

I know there are a lot of Social Network sites out there offering many features – however, Petnetwork aims to provide each member the basic features to create a unique site for  pets easily, by taking advantage of WordPress blogging platform.

There are also over a hundred WordPress themes/templates to choose from – so any one can create his/her own pet site easily without the need to be “technically” savvy.

Hope to see you all at Petnetwork.ws. I know there’s still much to do, but with everyone’s help, we can all make this site grow.