money-dollarWhew, it was such an unforgettable February. There were major decisions made in terms of personal and career goals. There were only 4 posts made, and those were all scheduled posts – done in the third week of January.

But no, abandoning this blog is not one of them. In fact, I was able to roll-out in BETA version about 8 niche websites, apart from the Pet Social Network site announced in the previous post. I also joined USANA Philippines, through my friend John, CEO of – a young entrepreneur who did well with Fern-C and Fern-Slim distribution.

With the USANA passive income program, I added a potential money  maker (and hopefully my ticket towards greater financial freedom and early retirement soon) to my current streams of passive income, GDI and SFI.

Well, there are so many make money programs out there but I only choose those programs that I think will bring forth real passive income – not scams. The good thing is that I am with the team who helped brought USANA in the Philippines, and some well-known blogging personalities are actually members and in my downline.

For those who are interested to learn more about USANA, and want to understand how it works and what is the potential revenue, hit the contact form and our Team will get back to you.

My other blog – which is now converted into a News and Feature blog, with the capability of accepting story/blog submissions from any visitor – (I call it “community blogging“) also made a significant improvement – with Alexa rank somewhere in 600-800K in January to 235K as of today!

If you want to contribute – and you are an Adsense Publisher, you may submit your posts (technology, entertainment, sports, etc.). Benefits? There’s an Adsense revenue sharing scheme – where your adsense ads will be displayed within your article. Also, of course back link to your site. Check out the you.Blog page at for more details or, just contact me.

Many concerned friends and individuals have either sent me emails, Twitter direct messages, Yahoo PM, text messages – asking how am I doing. You see, one of the many perks and benefits of blogging is gaining friends – from all over the world! So there, now you know why Bloggista was out for a while, but now I’m back with even more more passion for blogging and making money online.

Thanks a lot for all the messages, and most of all, the visits made to this blog even if the blogger is out.

P.S. For the Top Commenters, I will announce them in my next posts. Thanks!