Blogjoints | Pinoy Article Links Sharing SiteSeveral weeks back I made a plug about Blogjoints.coman article (story, news, links, videos, music, etc) submission and sharing site.

Many of my friends have made the site alive with their posts/stories submission, and I greatly appreciate it.

Now it is time to reward those who joined by way of the following:

  • Boosting traffic back to their original articles by generating more traffic to the site;
  • And, now an adsense revenue sharing scheme.

How it works?

If you visit Blogjoints, you will see a new theme implemented. The site has just been upgraded, and new tools are being implemented in phases, including the revenue sharing plugin.

By default, all registered Blogjoints members have a 50-50 revenue share (at this time, only adsense is rolled out, but in the coming days, other advertising programs will be implemented as well).

If you are a registered user, you can go to your Profile, and fill up your Google Adsense publisher ID, and optionally, your adsense channel to track your revenue from Blogjoints.

Everytime you submit a link to a story, news or any article you want to share (could be yours or somebody else’s), when visitors view it, your 468×60 banner ads will be displayed alternately with the Site Admin ads – this is what the 50-50 revenue share means.

By submitting more links, you can increase your revenue earnings – and there is no limit to the number of links you can share. Of course I trust that everyone will only submit worthwhile links, and not links to spam contents.

Spam contents will be deleted, and users who abuse the service will be forever banned.

If you are an active user, and have submitted many quality links and have earned a good number of votes from other members, you will be invited to join the Super Users group and you will get 100% revenue share – which means, everytime your submitted links are viewed, the ads displayed are exclusively yours.

Other new features of Blogjoints:

Groups. Members can now create Groups, and share links of interests among themselves. Group Admin can moderate membership – and can set it to public or private membership.

Social Bookmarking. Anyone can now help generate traffic to the site by simply using the new ADD TO functionality – which displays icons to popular Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit.

Add Friends. Another feature of Blogjoints is the ability to add friends.

Messaging. Members can send a message to another member.

Quick Bookmarking. You can integrate banners of different sizes into your blog’s sidebar to easily submit your posts/articles to Blogjoints. Check out the Quick Bookmarking banners (I don’t have talent in designing great looking banners – rest assured these banners will be improved in the coming days).

Check out Blogjoints now, and a link love from your site to Blogjoints will help make this site grow.