FlipSite BuddyWebsite Flipping has become a popular way to make money online lately. While its potential revenue may differ significantly for each of the flipped websites, nonetheless, it has offered many make money online enthusiasts another stream of income.

Website flipping is about buying a website and sell it for some quick profits later. It’s like the property buy and sell thing in the real world.

How to Flip Websites?

1. Buy a domain.

Yes, of course, you need to have a domain before you can create a website. When buying a domain, make sure to choose a relevant Domain Name to your planned niche or website topic. A domain name like www.ro3l.com doesn’t make sense at all if you plan to build a site about recipes, or for any other topic.

Another way is to buy registered domains from someone else – probably from another website flipper. The advantage is, the site is probably been indexed in Google and other search engines, and probably with some backlinks and alexa rank.

2. Build your website.

Needless to say,  you also need a hosting account so that you can build your website. I suggest you get a hosting account with iPower – which allows you to create unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidths and host of other “friendly” features not found on other hosting companies.

By the way, you can take advantage of my offer for a FREE Hosting for one year – check it out at Negosyo.ws.

There are many tools available to build your website – either you use a static HTML site, or install WordPress, Joomla or any other scripts used to deploy websites easily.

3. Add value to your website.

Adding value to your website is a challenge. But once done properly, you will be able to sell it at a higher profit.

You can add value to your site through the following:

Content. Adding contents to your website helps in generating traffic and in indexing your site by search engines. One of the best way to add contents is to populate your site with PLR products and free articles from article sites. Joining Private Label Rights/Master Resell Rights club will not only give you access to hundreds of useful articles, but also give you more ways to make money and generate traffic to your websites.

Check out my post on Goliath Giveaway – it allows you to get access to hundreds of ebooks and products that you can re-sell, or add contents to your website.

Traffic. Promote your new site by giving it the much needed exposure. You can submit your website pages/articles to Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc. (be careful though, since most of these sites don’t like people stumbling or submitting their own posts).

You may want to try Blogjoints.com – an article, link and story sharing site (like Digg) where you can submit your website articles/links and also earn in the process by way of its revenue-sharing program.

Revenue. The easiest way to add revenue stream to a website is Google Adsense. You may also try other alternatives like Adbrite, Bidvertiser, AdToll etc.

Or you may want to try to join affiliate network marketing and aside from earning commissions, you also add contents to your site. Some reputable affiliate programs to consider: Linkshare, Pepperjam.

You can check out my Online Marketplace and Best Deals site to see an example of a website automatically populated with products you can sell.

4. Sell your website.

The last step is selling your website. How much your website is worth? Its saleability factor all depends on how you built it up – in terms of site name relevance, backlinks, traffic, contents and revenue.

If your website is earning 10USD per month, you can probably sell it at about 100USD or more depending on the site’s saleability factors mentioned above.

Of course you have to take into account how much investment you have put into your website. You may look for site buyers in eBay, Sitepoint and other buy and sell websites. You can also post an ad at BentaOnline.com | Buy, Sell, Free Ads site and see if there will be takers.

Now reviewing back all the steps – do you think flipping websites is easy? How long do you think you can do all those stuffs? How can you deploy websites quickly, even without technical skills? How can you add contents to your website easily?

How can you generate traffic? (This will be featured in another article). What if you just want to flip a website and sell it quickly?

There are many tools available out there but I want to mention this one tool that can do these things:

  • Deploy websites in minutes, even without any HTML or PHP skills – just fill in the blanks and it creates for you a complete website with headers, links, sitemap, etc.
  • Transform your PLR articles and other free articles into website contents – automatically using the tool.
  • Insert your Adsense codes quickly into your website and contents.
  • Re-sell the product at any price you want.
  • Plus many more…

This tool can actually help you build your instant adsense ready articles in minutes – thus adding more value to your website flipping and make more money.

The best thing? This one is free – if you try it now. The free edition however have some limited features, and you might want to get the Pro version for a very minimal investment.

Check out FlipSiteBuddy and start deploying your websites fast and easy.

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