pacquiao-hatton-ko-punchThere are a lot of things bloggers and non-bloggers alike (including so called PGB’s like me, err, better stop the labeling and just say, human beings) learn from every Pacquiao fight, aside from letting us experience for a few hours a peaceful Philippines and some few hundred dollars in adsense.

First on the list is determination. You always see a smiling Manny Pacquiao when he goes up to the ring. Last Sunday’s fight with Hatton was no different – in fact, anyone could feel his calmness, his confidence and peaceful state of mind especially when he showed his trademark “Manny Grin” to millions of people who were watching the fight.

Well others might say Manny was seeing “Green Money” and lots of them as he walked towards the ring, so he couldn’t help but display lots of Manny Grin that day. Nevertheless, he showed so much determination the bout was like won already even before the first slug was thrown. And it was very infectious.

Second, respect. The Pacman is now probably the  undisputed Pound for Pound king (but don’t tell that to Floyd Mayweather, Jr.) after knocking down The Hitman Hatton not once, not twice but three times in barely 6 minutes of fight. But he still showed lots of respect to the sport, to his fans, and even to his opponents.

Have you seen how he was shoved away by that guy in blue shirt when he tried to check on Hatton after he sent him to the canvass with that powerful left hook? That’s how much he shows respect to other boxers. Pacquiao might not be as humble as before, but he is still respectful. So yeah, it’s possible that a person is not humble but respectful – it’s still a class act.

So if you’re one great blogger, its alright if you boast for it, I don’t mind, but keep it to yourself though and respect other bloggers (especially PGB’s and no marketing value bloggers, like me). Just by being good at it doesn’t give you the right to look down on other bloggers, ‘aight?

Third, and last for this article, betting. LOL! Yeah, I learned to bet when I started blogging about Pacquiao fights. And I always bet against him – and I always win many times over. Sounds absurd? How? Actually its really a stupid bet, but I got takers, hahaha.

It’s like this – during the Pacquiao-de la Hoya fight, I bet for de la Hoya, and of course you won’t see that much Filipino willing to bet money on someone other than the Pacman. But there was a catch – if de la Hoya gets knocked out in the first 8 rounds, I get a bonus, triple the bet! So I didn’t mind losing when Pacquiao won, but I went home smiling because I got the bonus.

Last weekend, I bet for Hatton, well nobody wants to bet for him in the office and among my friends, so I was all alone betting for him. And my friends did not bite the handicap, having learned a lesson from the de la Hoya fight. Not even on the 5th round, but they agreed and the bonus is on if Hatton gets knocked out in the first 3 rounds – five times the bet.

Well it pays to be determined, and respectful and risk taker. These are the things a newbie blogger would need in a crab-eats-blog-eats-blogger Philippine blogosphere.

Ohh, I love crabs especially when steamed. Not when they start thinking and start blogging.

Photo Credits: AP