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Follow the link if you are looking for the November 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results | NLE Passers List

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Update: 32,617 passed June 2009 NLE exams. Follow the link to view the June 2009 Nursing Board exam list of passers.

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One of the many things many Filipino SEO enthusiasts love to do is to publish board exam results. Its not just about getting hits from people searching for specific board exam results but more importantly, its about the joy of seeing a particular post topping the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Board exam results are one of the most effective ways to generate traffics to a blog or website, especially when you flavor it with some search engine optimization strategies (SEO). One of the top 3 most popular board exam results is the Nursing Licensure Examinations (NLE).

This one can bring thousands of hits. It can even easily bring down a site – especially when a site is hosted on shared servers. My first attempt proved to be succesful way back in June 2008 Nursing board exam results. My other site, amassed some 50,000 pageviews the day the results were released, and reached to more than 100,000 pageviews in just 3 days. Not as good as what the others (who are SEO masters) get, but good enough for a newbie in SEO like me.

The succeeding Nursing Board exam results got my site suspended by Bluehost – which irritated me since its the only website running on that hosting account. It sucks, and yes, Bluehost sucks, but what can I do? I’m on a cheap hosting account, and I cannot afford a dedicated server to host my site.

This is the reason why I did not post any board exam results here on These are SEO experiments and surely, should increase traffic just like the hits generated from posts like pinay sex videos and scandals – which I got just one and is still surprisingly generating consistent traffic to this blog. But I preferred not to optimize those stuffs like Haydeen Kho – Halili sex videos or that with Vicky Belo or Aling Dionesia? (Manny forgive them). I just don’t want to take advantage on these kind of “unfortunate” incidents.

Going back to the 2009 June NLE Board passers (take note of the terms used now), many Pinoy Bloggers have been outdoing each other at the SERP’s. Kind of a healthy competition. Unfortunately, because of my really busy schedule the past 2 months, I was unable to do some optimizations – but yes, I made a post about it on

If you search such keywords like june 2009 nle board results, june 2009 nursing board exam results, june 2009 nursing board passers – my site is nowhere near the first 5 pages of Google. Of course because I haven’t done any effort to boost my rankings. But its great to see lots of my friends getting some really good search engine positions on these keywords.

To you guys, keept it up and enjoy the traffic dudes. You just have to fill my belly with some mugs of beer when we get to meet.