Something cool is happening at No, its not about Obama running for Philippine President and thankfully, it’s not about Mrs. Gloria Arroyo’s supposed “sinister” plan to extend her reign for many more years as Prime Minister.

Its about the new look and concept of – a site intended as another online avenue in educating Filipino voters to make wiser decisions when electing the person to be this country’s next President.

On the assumption that the May 2010 presidential election will push through – this site should bring together “politically” inclined Filipinos and do their share of informing the general citizenry about the different issues and policies the next set of Presidential wannabes have to offer. is a social network site – allowing users to register for free, network with other members, invite friends to join – well, its like a piece of mySpace, Friendster and Facebook packaged into one site.

What can you do as member? A lot, right now, members can:

  • Add friends
  • Create Private or Private Groups and join other Groups
  • Create Group Forums and participate in other Forum threads
  • Upload photos, create picture albums
  • Write and Share articles, be it about a favorite or most hated Politico in the land
  • Share videos
  • Send private messages to other members
  • Ability to write short comments (or Wire) on other members’ profiles
  • Create blog
  • Connect using Facebook account (available soon)
  • … and many more rich features to be rolled out in the coming weeks

Individuals can start a blog about their favorite Presidentiables. The Presidentiables themselves or their representatives can also own a blog, and post whatever information they want to share with the readers.

If you are interested, you may signup for a free account, and may contribute articles or informative posts regarding certain Presidentiables, their platforms and policies, their plans for the country, and their advocacies.

Visit and join the fun!