Honestly, my bloghopping activity was reduced to just 5% than the bloghopping I made last year. That’s a lot of online hours lost and I missed the opportunities of meeting new bloggers and socialize with them.

Good thing I still know a few blogs which I think are worthy to be nominated for this year’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, a project of the ever energetic Ms. Janet Toral of InfluentialBlogger.net. This project aims to recognize the new bloggers blogs (those who started blogging in blogs started on May 2008 up to the present).

This is still a work in progress, and I welcome suggestions and recommendations from you dear readers (After some deep thoughts, and a random selection, I finally got my complete list of 10 blogs to nominate. Now, here are my nominees for the 2009 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs.

1. Dear Bloggery by no other than the Snow White of Blogosphere, Ms. Snow. I could bet that she visits my blog more often than I do. LOL. But its not about her being nice and a true friend both online and offline – its about her writing skills and being articulate that draws me to visit her blog.

2. Fatherblogger by my friend Angel. This man as amazingly articulate and really spends hours of composing and reviewing his posts before hitting the “publish” button.

3. The Struggling Blogger by Roy, a prolific writer and who actually owns dozens of blogs. He juggles his time from being a good father and mother to his children, a reliable provider and a very productive blogger.

4. Millionaire Acts by another loyal Bloggista visitor, Tyrone. He writes very well, and his blog niche is something I can’t do myself which is about Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Investments and Self Motivation.

5. Agile Deals by a good friend of mine, who’s already at 95% of his goal from buying a bimmer out of blogging money – whew!

6. Zorlone by the Doc Z. I don’t know him personally but a visit to his blog gives you a fresh look at lots of things through his poetry and writing prowess. I always admire people with great writing abilities – something I obviously lack.

7. Writing to Exhale by Jan Geronimo. I knew Jan through another great emerging influential blogger Elmot of Animotivation now transferred to a new cozy home at Pinoysoundingboard.com. Jan also shows great talent in writing. Too bad Elmot is not qualified – I knew this guy since last year when he started visiting my blog regularly and sent me messages through my contact form sharing me his plans to start a blog.

8. Foreclosure Philippines by Jay Castillo. Another unique niche blogging about investments in foreclosed properties. I bet Jay’s hitting a jackpot with this niche considering the keyword “foreclosed properties” is one of the high yielding keywords in adsense.

9. Tales from the Mom Side by Dee. Well Ms. Dee won the random “raffle” but I didnt regret she got the last spot. I admire mom bloggers and Dee is one of those mom bloggers who find the blogosphere to be a great place to be productive and perhaps make money online – the niche Bloggista.com is trying to make a mark.

10. And lastly, the group blog that made the loudest noise this year, complete with parada, drums and bugles with exotic dancers complete with pompoms and fireworks from libentador to watosi with a loud bang – Barrio Siete! LOL, this is the group blog to watch knowing they got the Reyna at its helms.

Will update this post on July 30, the last day of submission. So there goes my complete list of the Top Ten Emerging Blogs of 2009. I also like to mention those blogs who did not make it to the top 10 but are still worthy to be recognized and deserve some good love link. They are http://www.WebBusinessWiz.com, http://gewgawwritings.blogspot.com/, http://jahangiri.us/news/, http://mariancalago.blogspot.com, http://socialmediaphilippines.com/, http://pataygutom.com, http://kelvinonian.com/ and http://www.adaphobic.com/.

Good luck to all of you!


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