cory-aquinoI ask forgiveness from the literary masters and specialists if this poem doesn’t follow any standard rule. Just my little and humble tribute to the greatest “moral” president the Philippines ever had.

Hopefully in May 2010, we find another Cory Aquino. We need moral renewal in our politics as much as we need prosperity and progress.

Thank you Madam Cory, and may you inspire politicians to follow your principles and humility.


Confetti all yellow your wondrous presence mark
On a dear country you inspired hope in the dark
Righteousness, prayerful, selflessness you have shown
You’ll be remembered for many generations

Amongst the heroes and saints in heaven, you are finally home!

Quietly as we laid you to your resting place
United as one people to you we promise
In our hearts and minds we all keep it and cherish
Never your gift of freedom will ever go to waste

Over and over we shall rise when democracy is at risk!

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