PW BloggistaPerfect World perfect free gold giveaway! giving away Perfect World free gold. Its first ever contest and giveaway online, but unfortunately not for fellow bloggistas (bloggers) but for my friends playing the cool MMORPG game Perfect World.

Here’s how you dudes can grab over 85,000 Gold credits for your Perfect World account.

  1. Drop by my blog and leave a comment – 1 entry
  2. Subscribe to my blog via email – 10 entries
  3. Submit an article about Perfect World game -2 entries
  4. Published PW article on – 5 entries
  5. If you have a website or blog, a link to my blog with the PW Giveaway Banner – 5 entries. Code:
  6. Registration at Perfect World Forum – 5 entries
  7. Start a new topic at Perfect World Forum – 3 entries
  8. Posts made at Perfect World Forum – 1 entry per post
  9. When your referral signs-up at Perfect World Forum – 2 entries (so make sure you invite your friends to sign-up at Perfect World Forum and ask them to PM the ADMIN your User Name for referral credits).

Winners will be selected monthly (end of the month) starting from 30 April 2008 until 30 July 2008. Winners will be posted here on The more entries you have, the more chance of winning! Here are the prizes.


30-April, 30-May, 30-June 2008 (11 winners per month):

  • Top Prize (1 winner) – 10,000 Gold
  • Runner-up (2 winners) – 2,000 Gold each
  • Consolation Prize (8 winners) – 400 Gold each

July (6th month anniversary of – 16 winners):

  • Grand Prize (1 winner) – 20,000 Gold
  • Runner-up (5 winners) – 2,000 Gold each
  • Consolation Prize (10 winners) – 400 Gold each

HellBeast Mounted2Terms and Conditions:

  • Only Gamers from the Philippines are qualified (at this time).
  • Credits are applicable to both Tiger and Dragon server players.
  • The Perfect World Forum Board is a different forum board and is not in any way associated or connected with Levelup Perfect World Forum site.
  • Comments should be acceptable and no spam comments allowed.
  • Credits to be given via email (PIN and CODE), so make sure you provide correct email address in Comments and Email Subscriptions.
  • Posts counts on PW Forum and comments counts on blog will be reset every month.
  • Grand Prize Winner will be selected based on the most referrals made (75%) and entries earned (25%). So invite as much friends as you can.
  • New referral sign-ups should be valid. Inactive user referrals, or whose posts do not reach 10, will not be credited as a valid referral.
  • Winners once announced are final.
  • To ensure that your entries are credited, leave your comments or email admin [at] bloggista [dot] com about your entries (e.g. email subscription, PW Forum Topic, etc.)

For those who intend to Sponsor this as well, you may contact using the Contact Form found at the Advertise Page.