scammedYou heard it right, straight from a person who spent most of his time online trying to make some money.

While this statement may not be true, I learned to make it as my first consideration whenever I am presented with a new make money online program.

It is but normal for anyone into making money online to be drawn to schemes that promises bigger returns. The urge to explore more online opportunities are made stronger especially when one has several dollars sitting in his/her paypal account. Thus it is always prudent to be skeptical about it – and exert more efforts to find out if it really is a good program to take.

How to determine whether a make money online product or service is a scam? There are actually very obvious signs – and just a little amount of common sense is required to recognize whether the program is real or a sham:

1. Promises big returns without you putting any effort at all. Well as in my previous posts, if its too good to be true, then it is not true.

2. Those “make money online from surveys” programs are mostly scams. These are just mostly e-books giving tips on how to earn money from a hundred of programs. The thing is, the author stuffed the make money online e-book with lots of his own affiliate links. If you are lured to sign up through his links, he gets paid – thanks to you!

3. “This guy earned US$4,080.54 overnight for just a US$39.90 investment.” This is same as number 1 although some few guys might have actually did it. But what they did not tell you is that they have hundreds of thousands of people with emails on their “list”. If you are new, and don’t have such a list – even just a thousand people, there’s no way in the world that you will earn that much overnight.

4. Programs that show you a guy in beach shorts with a laptop and an Enzo Ferrari in the background , or a couple in lovely white sand beach resort with a yatch in a distance – inviting or enticing you to join NOW and enjoy such truly blessed life by just signing up, throw a couple hundred of dollars and watch your account grow while you sip the freshest lemonade every morning.

Chances are you’d be in the bottom of the money-generating scheme you’ll not gonna get even a fraction of your investment. You should now that when a “hot” product or service is launched publicly, there are already several dozens of people who signed up way ahead of you.

You cannot earn in online marketing when you’re part of the “general public.” You need to be “in” it to get a bite of “it.”

So what are the chances for common people (like this blogger) to make it big online and make some money?

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