In my previous post, I blogged about the scams in most make money online schemes and I shared about putting in a great amount of skepticism before you give your money to other people.

This article, as promised, will walk you through on some make money online programs that are potential money-makers – and it’s about Affiliate Marketing of “real products or services” and not e-books, make money videos and “earn US$2,312.38 in 4 hours by referring people” programs.

The rules are simple – you market and sell other people’s products or services and you get a commission for every qualified lead or actual sale you generated. These are commonly known as Cost-per-action or CPA affiliate programs. Most, if not all of these networks are free to join.

One of these CPA affiliate networks that I have been testing lately is T3Leads CPA Affiliate Network (woops! that’s an affiliate link – but sure I’ll be more than glad if you click on that one, will explain the benefits at the latter part of this article :evil grin: ) who is doing quite well in its chosen financial niche market.

How does it work?

T3Leads offers a pay-per-lead program – meaning you get paid when you refer a “qualified” lead to their system. Revenue is dependent on the “quality” of these leads. As to how will we know or track if the leads we generated are “qualified” or not, or are “quality” leads or not is something we will never know.

It’s the usual stuff, you put a banner to your site, or a link, or even create a “mini-site” of each of its various product offerings and generate traffic and hope one of those guys click on ’em and signs up – then verified as a good lead and you earn money.

Seems simple but its actually not that easy. But this is real make money opportunity you have to sweat it out first before you earn something right?

Their payday affiliate program promises to be the leading CPA affiliate program in its niche, with higher conversions and higher revenue opportunities to its affiliates.

Well this is something that I have yet to confirm as they claim that an affiliate can earn from US$1.00 to US$65.00 or more depending on the quality of the payday loan leads you referred to their site.

T3Leads does not actually sell the generated leads to lead merchants (or middlemen) but “auction” it directly with the large banks and financial institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom – the very reason why only leads from these two countries will count as a “valid” lead.

Thus to earn from T3Leads – you need to have a good amount of US and UK traffic. Immediately, one could judge that those finance-related blogs and websites will do well with this program, since most of the products are insurance (mortgage, auto, cancer, health, etc.), debt settlements, payday loans, auto loans and home improvements.

The Affiliate Tools

On top of the usual banner, which are by the way “nicely” designed, T3Leads offers a host of other tools for its affiliates. There are many website templates you can generate and install to create your own “mini-site”. These are good if you are going to invest some money for PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to bring in targeted traffics to these mini-sites.


The landing pages are professionally designed, however, the supplied keywords may not be a good tool when you go for PPC. Imagine the hundreds if not thousands of other affiliates bidding on the same keywords, it will definitely shoot up the keyword bid prices especially in Google adwords.

You also have the option of “privately” branding these sites as your own. A datafeed is provided along with the instructions on how to setup your own site.

Payout and Affiliate benefits

There is a minimum USD100.00 revenue requirement before you are paid. T3Leads processes the payment twice a month – something that you can’t find in many other affiliate programs. Members can be paid via Paypal, ePassporte, bank wire and other options.

I was also thrilled reading their latest news in the affiliate dashboard (good thing there’s an English translation to those Russian texts) that T3Leads actually rewarded their most active affiliates with toys and gadgets – something one can’t “smell fishy” since the program is free anyway.

T3Leads Referral Program

Now comes the “latter” part of this article – LOL. T3Leads offers a referral program that is a potential passive income generator.

As an affiliate, you stand to earn 5% of the gross revenue of each webmaster, blogger, affiliate you refer. Banners are also available for this (just like the banner below – feel free to click if you like ::some more evil grin::).


This affiliate program is worth a try – it offers real products, and you are not required to pay some money to join.

Also, it doesn’t require its end customers (or leads generated by you) to pay some money when they sign up on the forms. T3Leads will only process the name, age (must be 18 years or older), valid US or UK address, email and some minimum income requirements through its CRM/Lead Management system for lead qualification.

Potential email farm for spam? Naah, we all know anyone can sign-up a gmail or yahoo email anytime.

If you have already tried this affiliate program, why not share your experiences by leaving a comment. If you want to try, feel free to join and let me know if it’s worth the time and effort.