google-sidewikiGoogle just recently launched its new “innovative” utility called Sidewiki – a  “browser sidebar that lets you contribute and read information alongside any web page.”

People with Google accounts and Google Toolbar installed can now go to any website – and write comments or views about the website. In short, anyone can now add any information on any website that they visit.

Entries written in Sidewiki are also posted in Google profiles, and can be passed on to Twitter, Facebook and even on blog sidebar widgets.

Many welcome this innovation with open arms – without any trace of doubt and hesitation, after all “if it’s from Google, it must be good!

However I view this “revolutionary” tool unnecessary, redundant and reduces a website’s value by taking away the control from webmasters as to who can add information to their sites.

Sidewiki takes away the interactivity from blogs, where comments were designed to be written and submitted in the Comments section.

Not to mention that Sidewiki is a potential new breeding ground for spammers and vandals.

And why would someone allow total strangers to write something about his website and let the world read it without the capability to edit or moderate it?

If you want to share information regarding your website, is the “About” page not the right place to put it? If you want people to share their views and comments regarding a post or an article, why not let them use the Comment forms?

And if you want people to freely write something or add information on certain topics or about your Website or Blog in general, then why not put a “Wiki” section?

I personally believe Google has the best intentions when it designed Sidewiki, however this is also a classic example that not all bright ideas are useful.

So what to expect to see in your Sidewiki? Spams, vandals and ads?