cpa-board-examTopping the search engine result pages (SERP) is almost every Filipino blogger’s dream. It doesn’t only bring in self-fulfillment but also traffic and revenue from pay-per-click and CPM ads.

One such popular posts that is surely generating hits is the PRC Board Exam results posts. That is why you would see familiar board exam results posts in many Filipino blogs. The one that’s going on right now is the October 2009 CPA board exam results (by the way, if it happened you came here searching for the CPA board exam results, just follow the link).

I am among these SEO enthusiasts that optimize board exam results – and honestly, there is a bit of “competition” even between blogging buddies and friends.

And to be straighforward about it, I compete even if the only thing I do is just write an article about it, publish and that’s it. I’m just in it, for the fun of it.

Probably the reason why I was never a “threat” or a “competitor” so to speak. I don’t follow any SEO rule, except those tags and the All In One SEO plugin that I am using.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see these guys in the first page of Google or Yahoo search results, bloggers like Ceblogger, Third World Geek, Joliber and Dexter (and lots of other blogging friends) competing with the SEO masters like Coolbuster, Selaplana, James and of course Jehzlau.

This is the reason why blogging for me is always fun. Ohh, by the way, here’s the site where you can see the October 2009 CPA board exam results and list of passers.

Cheers! 🙂

Post update, October 19, 2009.

The results…