Buzz or Not?I got a dozen of draft posts – but after a day from my HongKong travel, I am still in vacation mode and still don’t have the energy to publish some new posts. I received about 200 emails from friends and associates as well as from other fellow bloggers so half a day was easily lost to reading those.

And there I was looking at my blog for a while, wondering how I could improve its layout. Yeah, I know I need to get a professionally designed, exclusive theme and start writing great contents – the latter’s sort of easier said than done. Then my eyes were fixed on BlogRush widget which has been occupying that spot for a while. Honestly, I don’t know much if this widget helped me in generating those precious traffic to my blog. Statistics data from BlogRush site don’t give me so much encouragements at all. For over a 1000 syndication of one post, only 3 clicks were made.

I read somewhere that in order to get noticed with potential BlogRush readers, you need to consider the following:


  1. One has to write a catchy yet relevant Headlines. Something that I need to improve on.
  2. Also, you need to limit your Headline letter count to 40 (probably a little harder to do) as it will not look good on the BlogRush widget if it cuts your headline to some phrase not easily understood by potential readers (see ‘twitter’ & …‘ headline sample).Blogrush

But one thing I found very amusing is the syndicated post on the popular ‘Comment On Hello World! By Mr. WordPress.’ Everybody knows that after installing (in case one host his own wordpress blog) or signing-up a new blog, a default post and comment are generated automatically. I found it funny though because these default post and comment from wordpress always get syndicated and displayed in BlogRush widgets. Saw this a dozen of times on several blogs displaying the BlogRush widgets and I wonder if there are people who actually click on this syndicated post.

How does the BlogRush widget helped in generating traffic to your blog? Do you have tips that you can share in getting traffic from BlogRush? Is it worth occupying some space on blogs?