farm-farmerThere is something that’s keeping me busy at night after a hard day’s toil lately. And it proved to be very effective to “kill off” some time especially if you want to forget the world for a while – it’s animosities and cruelties. Its also very effective if you want to forget something or someone – LOL.

Actually, I run a small “cosca” lately trying to seize control other mafiosi families by waging war and win ownership of businesses and trades. Well, I have to mug and whack other bad guys to prove myself and secure a good position in the family.

But after all these violence and earning money in the process – I retreat to the comfort of my farm, a small patch of land surrounded by gentle and kind neighborhood who are more than willing to help me out, shoo away darn foxes, clear up weeds and even fertilize my plants while I am away.

Of course I am talking about Farmville in Facebook – and Mafia Wars as well.

I always love farming. I was born and raised in a farm. I used to see lots of people “fallowing” some land, until the right time to plant comes.

There were lots of farm animals all over the place, I even had my own cows, goats, pigs and chickens when I was young.

I could still remember my Lola’s furious face whenever I and my little brother “steal” a big ripe and juicy “langka” – the sweetest jackfruit of them all or when we trap a grown native chicken using a long bamboo stick and a basket, luring the poor chicken to go inside an opening with corn – once the chicken steps inside, voila!, we were sure to feast on delicious native “lechon” manok.

I have always dreamed of retiring in a farm – a real farm unlike Farmville in Facebook. But for the meantime I am contented with farming online. Yes for some Farmville seems to be one boring game – but it does give me some relief from stress and the ability to focus your attention to something different.

Not to mention that it gives some real cash savings – well, if I’m not farming I’ll be in some malls or gimmick places. LOL.

Do you play Farmville? If yes, add me on Facebook, and let’s play Mafia Wars too – I need to grow my crew. 🙂