fv-cow2Whoooooaaaaattttt? Farmville cheats? Are you kidding? Do you really want to cheat even at farming? Get out of here – LOL! Well after more than 2 weeks of farming at Farmville, I decided to write this article for beginners – a newbie Farmville farming guide – and believe me, cheating for me is a no-no!

So no Farmville cheats here? Let’s just call it, tricks, or strategies. Well it’s up to you if tricks and cheating are the same.

I know there are hundreds of sites out there giving tips and providing videos on how to “cheat” your way up in Farmville. But I am not really that “fan” of game cheats. Yes you can install cheat engine and grid clicker to make farming life easy at Farmville – but, but…


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It just doesn’t make sense at all to cheat ehh? Farmville farming is suppose to be easy, fun and relaxing.

However, if you just started a farm in Farmville, it is quite awful, and stressful. You are given just 6 plots and a few cheap crops at the start. Now if you have neighbors with those great looking houses, decors and stuffs, you will easily lose enthusiasm, not unless the challenge will keep you going and encourage you to reach that level where you can buy those stuffs.

Farmville farming basics:

  1. Leveling up – accumulate XP or experience points to level up in the game. You earn XP when you plow a plot (1 XP), plant a crop (1 or 2 XP), achieve crop mastery, earning a ribbon, visiting neighbors’ farms (5 XP) and lately, when you fertilize your neighbor’s crops (5 XP).
  2. Earning coins – earn coins when harvesting crops (each crop has a corresponding market value), harvest fruits/trees, collect animal produce (eggs, milk, wools, feathers, etc.), when you visit neighbors (20 coins), fertilize neighbor’s crops (20 coins), and when you claim bonuses from your friends’ recent achievements (ribbons and mastery).
  3. Decorate – obviously, this one wastes money and space but, this makes your farm looks great.

My basic 6 tips to Farmville farming:


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1. Maximize farm plots – maximize “coin” earnings.  When starting up – don’t waste those empty spaces. Try to fill those up with plots where you can plant your crops. Invest all your coins in planting crops.

2. Plant crops according to your farming time/availability. If you have the luxury of being able to go online for about 15 minutes every 4 hours, then plant strawberries (harvested in 4 hours, withers in 8 hours). If you can play only once a day – choose pumpkin (harvested in 8 hours, withers in 16 hours). If  you can only play once every 24 hours, choose crops which can be harvested in 1 or 2 days.

3. Make sure to harvest your crops within the specified time or else those will wither and you will lose money. To determine how much time before a crop withers, just multiply its harvest time by 2.

4. As much as possible, avoid planting a crop which takes more than a day or two before it can be harvested. Crops like squash, artichokes, cottons and wheat will not help you much in leveling up – even though you earn 2 XP per crop, you will earn 3 to 4 equivalent XP and twice as much money if you plant strawberries, pumpkins or rice.

5. As you level up, new high yielding crops are unlocked, so the aim is to earn money fast and level up fast – and just to make it enjoyable, try to plant a combination of 2 or 3 crops. I divided my farm initially into two sections – planting strawberries in one section (gains 1 XP, and earns 25 net coins every 4 hours) and pumpkin on the other section (gains 1XP and earns 30 net coins every 8 hours, which also give me an allowance of another 8 hours just in case I won’t be able to harvest the crop in time).

6. Soybeans are the secret to leveling fast up in Farmville, especially when you just started and want to level up 3 to 5 notches in an hour. How? Easy, soybeans cost 15 coins a crop, can be harvested in 24 hours, give a net earnings of 45 coins and churn out 2 XP! But wait, there’s more to soybeans below so don’t give up reading yet.

How to level up real fast, speed up planting and harvesting without installing cheat engine and hacks?

Installing any cheating and hacking software could be dangerous – you’ll never know if these will “compromise” your system and security. So I don’t use them.

1. Speed up planting and harvesting. Simply trap your “farmer”. Your farmer slows down planting and harvesting since he has to go to each plot to fallow land, plant, and harvest. Save him some energy – by trapping him on the side using any object – hay bales, decors, fence, trees, animals – or if you are a bit “stingy”, trap him with message sign posts – they’re free! Try it if you haven’t, you will see the difference.

2. Earn extra XP and coins by being a good neighbor – of course you need neighbors to do this. For the first 20 visits – you are given 5 XP plus 20 coins per neighbor (1 XP and 20 coins) on the 21st neighbor and up. That’s a total 100 XP points in less than 5 minutes! Plus – you may also earn extra 20 coins and 5 XP if you get a fertilizer and fertilized your neighbor’s crops. So potential additional 100 XP points – well make it 50 – 80 XP on the average.

3. Soybeans! Well this one will work if you have extra coins to spare. This trick requires some repetitive actions that some will find boring. Dedicate at least 4×5 plots (20 plots). Plant soybeans – it will cost you 15 coins and you get 2XP. Those 20 plots will cost you 300 coins, but you earn 40 XP.

Don’t wait 24 hours – delete those plots you just planted with soybeans – then plow it again, costing you 300 coins (which gives 1 XP) and plant soybeans again (another 300 coins). This whole process will cost you 600 coins total – and 60 XP! That’s 10 percent XP yield. Do it all over again until you used up all your available coins – then wait until your next harvest.

You will be able to level up very fast – until you reach the ideal level which is for me is level 15.

4. Still got lots of coins to spare but doesn’t like the “soybean technique“? Well you can buy hay bales. It will cost you 100 coins each hay bale, but will return 5 XP. Not bad, but XP yield per coin is only 5%.

So in general, try to maximize planting, and earn lots of coins, and you can compensate leveling up by purchasing decors from the Market, or use the soybean trick. Purchasing decors will also give you lots of XP and coins when you achieve some ribbons as well (like the Architect and Packed Rat ribbons).


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5. Money wasters – seeders, harvesters, tractors. Don’t buy these, until you earn so much you can afford to buy 30,000 worth of stuff sitting around your farm.  I only bought my first harvester when I reached level 26 – so I would know how it works. The harvester allows me to harvest 4 plots at a time, but the fuel is only good for 150 plots. Fuel is refilled every 6 hours – thus if you have several crops planted with different harvesting times, you will probably make good use of it.

Each fuel refill costs 5 FV money, not coins. You can only earn FV money everytime you level up (1 FV money) or when you purchase it (meaning, you will pay real money).

6. Don’t spend real money in Farmville! It’s just a game for FB’s sake.

Just play the game and enjoy it. You will find Farmville really fun to play, and will test your patience, and creativity. I even recommend this game be played by children. Its better than letting them play YoVille, Mafia Wars and other adult games.

Like this article? Will appreciate a comment, a digg or a stumble. (winks). If you don’t, ohh, well, it’s just Farmville. Hehe.