We were only simply doing business on the web“. This was the statement of G0ogleGoogle Funny Logo CEO and Big Boss Erik Smith as his behemoth web empire got slapped with a PR 0 by Google PR Algorithm Team.

According to its press release, Google cited numerous violations made by the leading web data and content provider.  Its findings include:

  • Totally outrageous link farms!
    • G0ogle mines the biggest link farms in the entire web. A simple search on their query forms on any word or topic returns thousands, if not millions of links to numerous websites you could only imagine!
    • 85% of all blogs in blogosphere provide backlinks to G0ogle, a seemingly outrageous percentage that can only be interpreted as suspiciously ‘harboring’ on cheating  and obviously taking undue advantage over the other lesser web search engine providers.
  • Totally outrageous Links selling!
    • With its popular keyword advertising AdsWord, G0ogle took advantage of its rank and popularity and hoarded millions of dollars from selling links in its prime web spots. Websites are forced to buy keywords, and most of the times compete with other websites in a form of keyword auction to get to the prime  spots in the search query results. The links associated with those paid keywords are displayed in the front pages, and on the sidebars of every search results pages. Its a win-all arrangement though because all who purchased the same keyword get listed altogether, thus giving G0ogle more profits. Still this is, according to the PR Algorithm authority body (Googel), links selling.
  • Totally outrageous paid posting on websites!
    • Apart from selling links on its search query results, G0ogle is also into massive paid post advertising. All websites who sign up for affiliate programs bare the evidence of this wholesale and widespread paid posts on the web. Short paid posts are displayed on an affiliate’s page in the form of ‘ads’, and at times several of these paid ‘ads’ are displayed altogether. Then the member website gets rewarded everytime someone clicks on these short paid posts or ‘ads’ by a few cents which can accumulate to hundreds to thousands of dollars a month!

Above findings are only the tip of the iceberg. But it is noteworthy to see these kind of activities are penalized appropriately by Googel. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone!

By the way, no fooling around this time,  here’s a great piece of article from The Age by Stephen Hutcheon published through AsiaMedia. It features Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman and CEO (the Google Boss) as he talks about three new trends he sees for the future of the Internet.

I just love Google. 🙂

Quoting Schmidt:

“Search and you shall find…”