globe-webcamIn the beginning there was darkness. But God was in darkness and he said, “Let there be Light”. Thus all things in heaven and on earth were created.

It was good – everything was good in God’s eyes. God was pleased. Then he created beings in His likeness. He gave them freewill – freedom.

The same freedom which brought sin and suffering and death. A brother killed the other only brother. Then came Noah and the great flood, cleansing the world. But people just don’t change. Came Sodom and Gomorrah, then rulers, government, corruption and greed.

God did not give up. He sent wise men and prophets: Moses, Jesus Christ, the Great Muhammad, perhaps even the Great Buddha to lead humanity to the right path.

Despite all that, men just can’t change. Came the Dark Ages, the horrible Wars, ethnic cleansing, 9/11 and terrorism. Even Mother Nature was not spared. At the rate things are going – mankind is doomed.

Then pffft! Man invented technology, and the internet – which gave birth to an alternate world – the Blogosphere. In the beginning, it was good. Then it became great.

Mankind was pleased. Social Media even made it better. People are sharing, people are talking, people are creating online communities.

Blogging is powerful – it can move people to act, it can inspire people to help. Take the case of Ondoy. It was a showcase how blogging can be so powerful to reach people and fire their ‘innate’ goodness and charity.

It can provide an avenue to earn. It empowers stay-at-home-moms, it reveals an ordinary person’s skills and talents.

However, it can also be dangerous – scammers found a new home, thefts stole other people’s contents. Greediness, bickering, and people with superiority complex abound.

It can be used to sensationalize events. It can destroy people, reputations, businesses, establishments and families.

Which led me to thinking and to ask – are we humans doomed to fail? We were given a chance to create a perfect and harmonious ‘alternate’ world – but people are slowly destroying it.

But there is still a chance, there is still hope – can bloggers change the world?

Happy New Year everyone!