manny-pacquiao-time-coverUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted a Pacquiao win over Miguel Cotto. “Of course, it’s Pacman who is going to win. Is there any doubt?” was her answer when asked by a student during a forum in Manila.

Even Las Vegas online betting cappers are expecting a lucrative weekend on November 15, 2009. At -325 betting odd, the Pacman is obviously the choice of many people, especially the boxing fans and “bettors”. Perhaps one could say, its probably only the Puerto Ricans who are betting on Miguel Cotto.

Unlike Pacquiao’s previous fights, especially that one with Juan Marquez which was a very “technical” fight, this Sunday’s fight (in Manila) on November 15 will be a sure streetfight – and I’m expecting some blood spilling on the canvas, literally.

Pacquiao is a streetfighter, and Cotto will probably play along that style. Miguel Cotto has the size, height and reach advantage, but Manny Pacquiao has the Las Vegas experience, and have proven to the world he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter with his prized “victims” the likes of Barrera, Hatton, de la Hoya and Marquez (who is probably the only boxer left that can hurt Manny’s career and ego).

History will probably be once again on Manny Pacquiao‘s corner on Sunday. Winning championship titles in seven different divisions is for the record books.

But not for politics.

I wish you success Manny, however, I am betting for Cotto. Not unless you will announce on the ring that win or lose – you will shun away from politics – my 2,000 peso bet for Cotto will stay.

I’d rather see you and Mommy Dionesia on TV, doing sitcoms and shoot action movies. I don’t mind hearing you sing, Bai Manny, just stay away from politics.

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