star-villanuevaBeauty, brains and blogging – all rolled into one. Those three words might just be how you’d view Star Villanueva, or simply Star, the Filipina blogger/flight attendant/business woman who seems to can’t get her smile off her face whenever you see her pictures in the center of Rome, somewhere in Tagaytay or in the middle of Spain.

Her own personal blog called “Me, Myself and a Star…” is a journal to her life’s journeys and her trips all over the world. A devoted daughter with a mind of a business woman who loves to travel and serve people onboard an aircraft – that’s Star. But of course, there’s still more.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this 24-year-old Filipina beauty is her hardworking and positive attitude (aside from her dimply smile, of course.)

At the age of 21, she got her first million pesos because of her job, her investments and her family’s business. At the age of 22, she got her own Tagaytay lot. And just like any young professional’s dream, she bought her own condominium unit in McKinley Hills at the age of 24. Now we all know why she keeps on smiling even when she’s having a fire drill for her airline.

Aside from these real estate properties, she has also ventured into a jewelry business with gold, platinum, silver and expensive watches. And I’m sorry to inform you that she does not intend to sell jewelry online, or put her business up online. She is firm in saying that these little baubles are best appreciated right in front of you.

A self-confessed blogger, Star has graced Multiply, Livejournal and WordPress with her online presence, spanning a rich collection of pictures and stories that she willingly shares to her readers. She even shares her beauty secrets to everybody when people began asking what products she uses to maintain her fair and smooth skin.

Star is a perfect example of a Filipina who keeps her feet on the ground even if she has almost what she wants and needs in life. Traveling all over the world is one’s dream, as well as owning your own real estate properties. But for this star, it seems like the stars are her limits for investing her money, enjoying her time, and keeping herself more and more beautiful each day.


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