Earn for life with GDI
Before I got into blogging online, I was hooked with online gaming FreeStyle and Perfect World big time. At an average of 6 hours a day, I know I was generating more money for Levelup Games (used to spend 1000 pesos a week for game credits) and Meralco, a local electric company obviously for my electric bills.

But I came across this GDI (Global Domains International, Inc.) one day. Some one sent me an email about this make money online ‘opportunity’. I gave it a few weeks of deep thinking, “I’m going to make a 10USD a month investment and I’m not sure if this is scam or legitimate.”

Without even bothering of checking or googling in Googel, err Googol I mean, Google to do some tiny research online, I signed up with the program after 3 weeks of trying to fill up the sign-up form, then closing my browser without finishing, then watching again the video, trying out the calculator, signing up the form again (and this went on and on like that every day for 3 weeks – typical of newbies like me!). But hey, 10USD is more than enough to buy me beer and make me feel good and excited about going to work everyday. In Manila, 10USD can already buy you premium San Miguel Beer pale pilsen or San Mig Light ‘low-calorie’ beer almost one case (about 20 to 24 bottles).


That’s why I really can’t put that ‘buy me a beer for 3USD’ plugin. That’s 5 bottles already! LOL.

Anyway so much with beer. Just like most affiliates, I signed-up with GDI, my first ever make money online program, and talked about it very excitedly among my family and friends. Well now I fully understand the old adage “You cannot be a prophet in your own land”. Did I said it right? Must be the beer.

I realized, it is not easy to do just that. You got to have a system if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing. I forgot all about it after setting up a lousy (don’t know anything about website making or html though) affiliate website. But since then, I started receiving emails about new visitors and sign-ups from my site – amazing I thought! Yet again, I forgot the whole thing, went on gaming and still I managed to get a few sign-ups.

My GDI site is so ugly (just like this blog, but that should change soon, promise), but it keeps on sending new sign-ups and its even one of my biggest AdSense earners. LOL. GDI gives you a tool to follow up new sign-ups and convert them to paying affiliates – I should say it’s excellent. Its only now I started to realize how much this program is paying off already – I was able to purchase my first dot com website because of my earnings from it.

My monthly earnings is now more than enough to pay off the 10USD a month investment with GDI. I have accumulated more than a hundred email lists from interested people who want to make money online. These are the wealth that have been sitting for a while, untapped. Now I’m going to renew my commitment and work on it.

It’s time to gather my resources, contact those who signed-up and start working on a system that will help my network, my downlines grow and benefit from this program.

GDi Earn for LifeCheck out GDI’s earn for life program and I will be more than glad to assist you and discuss more opportunities together. I strongly believe in the words “There’s power in numbers”.