I have been playing Mafia Wars for 4 weeks now – but leveling up is a bit slow since I more at peace with farming at Farmville, and besides, I am not using any Mafia Wars tips, tricks or strategy yet.

Also at the same time, I have been too busy lately with some “offline business activities.”

Recently, Mafia Wars introduced the New Money Laundering Vault Bonus. This gives you a discount in bank deposit fees (which is at a whopping 10% per deposit) by 3%.

Re-vaulting the collection will yield 50% bigger payouts from jobs.

So how to do the Mafia Money Laundering Job? You can use the techniques below which are also being shared by others in the Mafia wars circle of friends. You can get lots of money by directly invoking the Money Laundering Job – a pop-up should come out after the message “Request is sent…” is displayed. Try to click again the link below until the pop-up comes out.

Note: You must be in New York (and of course logged in Facebook when you click the above link. Job Bonuses are limited to just 25 jobs per city, and to help you launder money, reserve at least 5 to 10 helps just to do this new Vault Collection.

Adding Items to your Wish List

If you play Mafia Wars, you probably know that you cannot just simply add an item in your wishlist if you don’t have it in your inventory. To perform the new Money Laundering job, as in the other Vault Collections, you need to gather the Item requirements first.

To add these Items in your Wishlist so that your Mafia members can help you, first, make sure you have open slots and click the following links corresponding to the item:

Money Laundering Collection Vault

Once you collected all 7 items, you can now Vault the collection by using the following link:

Re-vaulting Collection (needless to say, you need to gather all of the 7 pieces once more. Here’s the re-vaulting link:

Again, doing this gives you a -3% Bank Deposit Reduction and re-vaulting earns you 5 Money Socks Boost which are consumable and earn you + 50% more money per job.

That’s it! Enjoy Mafia Wars!

(Thanks to Mafia Fairy Godmother for this wonderful tips)