According to Website Magazine, somethin’ is cookin’ within the hallowed hall of The Great Google lately. Quoting from an article in its website on April 2:

Many SEO’s are noticing some major shifts in their rankings this morning at Google. Early reports are of a major update (now being dubbed “Dewey”) which began last night and is continuing throughout the morning.

It was also noted that there is still an indication of a significant crackdown on websites “without sufficient content and that rely on anchor text (perhaps paid text ads) from other sites”. [Website Magazine]

While a regular Google update is anticipated by many, much like a bride waiting for her groom, to some it is also a scary, harrowing, and disappointing experience, much like a stood up bride.

Now we can check if those SEO tactics by several Filipinos (including me) would work in the first 2 or 3 pages of Google search results. So its time again to see whether keywords like Googoool, gogol, gogel, googel, goog;e, and the more popular keywords pinay scandal, pinay sex scandal, pinay videos, pinay sex videos written and used in lots of posts would make these blogs appear in the top pages.


Could not wait to see if would make it in the top 2 pages for pinay sex scandal keyword. Oops, unfortunately, using pinay sex scandal keywords on posts instructs Google AdSense to display Donation ads. Maybe pornographers and lovers of pinay sex video scandals are indeed philanthropists and generous donors – and Googke err, Google knows just that.

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