Competing online with thousands of other dot com businesses is a tough challenge for most dot com entrepreneurs. And online businesses implementing the best ecommerce software solutions often leave other online merchants behind in terms of online sales and of course profits.

It is not enough to put shopping carts in online Sales pages, as most online merchants do. In order to be more competitive and generate more sales, your products and service offerings should rank well in the top pages of search queries. This is how Search Engine Optimization, or popularly called SEO helps. Every SEO effort is geared towards landing at the top pages of search pages of Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other search data providers. And a shopping cart software can actually be used as one of your online business’ SEO tools to help you attain such objective. We are not talking about ordinary shopping carts here but ecommerce software powered shopping carts.


Hosted shopping carts by Ashop ecommerce can do just that. It’s complete ecommerce software solution include a Search Engine optimized shopping cart for online merchants who want to hit it bigtime with their dotCom business. Better search engine placements simply equates to higher Sales and ROI for your online business.