spamdomains-orgI have to deal an average of 500 or more spams everyday. The daunting task of getting rid of these spam messages takes so much time. Even though I am using a combination of anti-spam tools, like recaptcha and akismet, there are still lots of messages to be screened.

I like to think spams are the works of spambots, you know, those automated programs designed to register sign-ups, or submit comments to blogs. Spambots are getting more and more smarter – they can even break most captcha and anti-spam codes. But many spams are also the works of real humans, even dogs can spam.

Over the weekend, I thought of this really very silly idea of fighting back Spammers – create a spam submission site, let them sign-up and submit their articles or domains. Regular users who are sick of Spammers can also sign-up and submit spam domains, blogs, article scrapers, spam emails, spam IP addresses to share to other members.

Members can vote, then once a certain number of votes are reached, these spam domains are published and sent to the front page (yeah, works like Digg).

Then I will submit the RSS feed to anti-spam sites and to other sites who register and fight spams. If you are interested in helping out grow its database of spamming sites, check out – it simply helps in making the web get rid of spam. And there’s an adsense sharing scheme as well.

Moving on, for this blog, I am using Antispam Bee on top of the other anti-spam plugins. This plugin is extremely powerful, being able to screen most spam messages – and you got the option to send screened comments to moderation, or dump all ‘spam’ comments by automatically deleting them, thus sparing you some extra unnecessary database space and loads.

It’s not perfect though as there are legitimate comments which are also screened, just like TWG‘s comments. Antispam Bee probably considers anything that has something to do with Third World are spams, or perhaps, it doesn’t allow to have another Geek in its system (LOL).

Reading those spam messages sometimes can make your day  – and they are really funny (although still very annoying). In fact I made a post not so long ago why I had fun reading spam. And I’m adding some to the list.  Just like this one:

After searching for this information, I will have to say most people agree with you on this topic.

It would have been a good comment, but the dude’s commenting on a post about Board Exam Results. Darn. Another one:

I’m always excited to visit this blog in the evenings.Please keep on churning out good content. It’s very entertaining.

Very entertaining? What the $@&$!. The post was about Cory Aquino’s death for crying out loud. Still some more:

In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once it became clear.

And still more:

This is a very informative post! I was searching the internet for great topics like these and I was sent to this blog. You have done a great job. Buy botox.

And how about a thinking, logical spambot or paid hack commenter?

This post made me think.

Have you seen a great Orator lost in your blog?

I come here today humbled at the content of this very impressive post. Kudos to admin!

Several of my Social Networking sites are not spared. Many spambots and human spammers register an account and even post blogs. To help me in determining if the user is a spammer or not, I put a required field in the sign-up form with a caption: “I Am a”:

The instruction is simple – the answer should be the word formed when the words ‘blog‘ and ‘Gista‘ are joined. Some answered right, ‘blogGista‘ (bloggista is acceptable).

Other answers of the “I Am a” question:

  • Gibberish like a combination of words and numbers. They must be spambots whose interests are swimming and shopping.
  • “Human” – well probably they are humans (and so I deleted them).
  • “Dog” – oh no, even dogs are spamming websites nowadays.
  • “What do you like?” – clever huh. (deleted!)
  • “Gay” – hmmm, further investigation revealed he/she is indeed Gay as he/she blogs about the third sex. (Okay, not deleted I am a bit considerate – LOL).

I just hope that someday there would be better way for us to fight back spammers. You may want to join me at – this is a brand-new site though but will need the help of a community of bloggers and webmasters to report spam domains, spam sites, spam blogs, article scrapers and eventually become a community-driven database of spam a-holes.

See you there.