novz-cebloggerWhat comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Cebu?’ Other people would say danggit or cheap airfares; but bloggers would probably say Ceblogger, author of Blog from Cebu to the World.

A certified public accountant who hails from the Queen City of the South, Ceblogger is N.F. Trapa or “Novz” to his blogging friends, born in Cebu, was raised in Cebu, got married in Cebu, and is now in Manila temporarily.

His blog chronicles everything about Cebu and things connected to it. It also serves as his repository for his other passion in life: writing. Although Ceblogger is still stuck in a cubicle with his coffee and dozens of paper, he still believes that blogging is just the modern way of putting one’s thoughts into a certain writer.

True enough, you can see a lot of interesting pieces in his blog.

The Blog from Cebu to the World currently ranks among the top ten Google search results for the keyword “Cebu Blog.” There’s informative information on board exams, stuff about the usual SEO, and interesting things for tourists.

He started to blog in 2006 through the “influence” of a personal friend, ThirdWorldGeek, who happens to be his classmate in college. He writes because it is a form of outlet for expressing his thoughts.

And don’t forget about those blog posts about Cebu which makes people definitely want to visit this city in the south. From budget travels, to popular sights and places, Ceblogger shows to the world how beautiful and charming his city can be.

His guide about spending a single day in Cebu is quite useful and informative, too. From expense estimates, approximate itinerary timeline to the popular must-see attractions in his hometown that you could see in one day, Ceblogger gives out very nice stuff to read which surely calls traffic and attention from tourists who plan to visit Cebu for a short time, or foreigners who plan to read more about the beauty of the Philippine Islands.

After all, it is a blog about Cebu…right?

He currently has a few blogs which range from sports, tech, literary pieces, jobs and finance. We guess Ceblogger always has something up under his sleeve to surprise his readers.

Make sure you remind Ceblogger to drink water the next time you drop by his blog.


Our third featured blogger is the coolest blogger I’ve ever known. He is a man of values and integrity and is always very careful of his choice of words so as not to offend anyone. Intelligent and forever loyal to his wife. A smart blogger and a great writer – Novz aka Ceblogger is one of the few bloggers Bloggista is trying to “emulate.”

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