gemma-baltazarA lot of people who are into freelancing might have once searched something and ended up on The Lady Programmer’s website.

The Lady Programmer, or Gemma Baltazar in real life, is actually a licensed electronics & communications engineer who graduated from Saint Louis University.  Gem, as most people call her, is known in the blogosphere as a freelance web programmer and a blogger.

She started blogging when her friend sent her review articles in bulk to write about, and then learned the ropes of SEO. She then moved on to build her reputation in web design in the freelance marketplace, and submitted her first PR4 blog (which is now non-existent) which earned her $5 or more for each post.

The blog which shot Gem into the blogosphere was The Lady Programmer, when she wrote about an in-depth article about how to withdraw funds to the Philippines from a freelance site. Consequently, posts related to funds withdrawal from that freelance site to Philippine bank accounts and debit cards are still the most popular posts in her blog.

As a result, her blog is included in the top five results in Google Philippines for the keyword “oDesk” and “oDesk Philippines,” thereby giving Gem a headstart in the traffic game as more and more Filipinos nowadays venture off to freelancing as a way to get extra income.

True enough, her blog is currently a haven for those who want to venture into freelancing to quit their full-time jobs, or to supplement their income.

After which, she continued to blog about freelancing, and at the same time added some technology topics. Recently, she also began to start writing about blogging tips, as well.

She started to blog not for the readers, but she eventually caught the attention of a handful people. After some time, she continued on to explore various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Plurk, as well as Entrecard.

Here are some words from The Lady Programmer for bloggers, both new and pros.

For newbies:

  • If you want to earn additional income through blogging, start your own blog. Learn to write along with some monetization techniques.
  • You can start a blog with poor grammar, but make sure to improve your writing skills fast.
  • If you are a writer, don’t forget to optimize your posts for SEO.
  • You can also opt not to earn from blog, if you don’t want to.
  • Learn how comments are for. They are not made for conversations, not for promoting your blog or exchanging links. The comments should also be highly relevant to the article – it shows a lot about yourself, that you had read through the whole post. Comments are easily understood that a reciprocal visit has to be made.
  • The contact form is for contacting the blog owner, if you want to ask some questions, initiate conversation with the blogger which happens not to be relevant to the feeds and even exchange links.
  • Learn how to use Feed Readers to get RSS feeds, so that you can still previously published posts. The most recent post on the blog is not always the best post that is worth reading.
  • Connect with the pros, to save time figuring out how blogs are supposed to work.

For pros (to me, probloggers are those who earn money from blogs, so this is for them):

  • Search engine traffic is not everything. Learn new ways to monetize blogs in other ways, such as using social networks and internet marketing. Who knows when tide has turned around?
  • Black practices could earn you good money this year, but how would you deal with the loss of income when the loophole had been fixed?
  • Don’t forget that the blog reflects a lot of who you are. If in case you get famous, have a blog that is made for regular blog readers, not only for those visitors who are easily tricked into clicking various ads in your blog.
  • Equally annoying are personal blogs that are obviously crafted for sponsored posts. I found numerous blogs that seem to sound the same as the previous blog post after a sponsored post.
  • Internet marketing is a good thing that earns huge income from the internet. But don’t add my blog email address to your list then spam me with your offers. It’s best to ask the blog owner first.
  • Even if you know everything about blogging, newbies may have useful new ideas too. Listen to them once in a while.

Gem currently has two blogs from which she is known for, The Lady Programmer and the Single Parent Talks. She plans to add a food blog & a CPA blog, and hopes that eventually, blogging would take over freelancing – although that might be a challenge since she can’t seem to part herself from her love for tinkering with programming.


Our fourth featured blogger is a lady from Baguio who is well into freelancing and who eats and breathes programming codes right at the comfort of her own home. I knew Gem since the early days of my blogging life and her avatar’s display on my post comments, myBloglog and Blogcatalog widgets is always comforting and elicits clicks from guys who were mesmerized by that sweet looking lady with a mysterious smile (di ba pareng…. ahem? hehe).

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