michael-auliaWhat do technology, God and Australia have in common? In the blogosphere, there is one man who connects them all – Michael Aulia, the author of CravingTech.com. While most bloggers usually just write about anything under the sun, Michael writes for his love of information technology and Christian articles in his two blogs.

A self-confessed tech geek, he has been a technology enthusiast since he was a kid. A usual pastime for him would be tweaking his computer and playing games.

Michael is currently working for an IT company as a software development manager in Australia. On the other hand, his work did not stop him from maintaining his two blogs with passion.

His first blog which is now moved to a new domain called CravingTech started as a forum blog post way back in 2007 when he wrote about a review of his new phone, the HTC P3600i. When he got positive feedback, that’s when he became more passionate as a blogger to share more of such information.

He blogs about technology, as the blog’s name suggest, as well as some site analytics, gadget reviews and blogging tips. After the Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009, he decided that blogging is the real deal when it comes to earning money and be recognized. His blog enjoys a steady good amount of traffic, mostly from the search engines, which is a good measure of a site with great contents and search engine optimized.

Michael is thankful that he gets recognition from other great bloggers, as well as the big hardware & software vendors every now and then.

His other blog, WriteForGod, is where he shares a lot of Christian resources to feed the spirit. Michael, a member of the Emmanuel Baptist Church and a Christian since 2002, hopes to inspire and help other people through this blog – and we think he does a great job.

He surely shares, and will continue to share, a lot of other useful tech blogs and articles to help other techie geeks out there. As Michael puts it –

“Never give up, blog with passion, and always do more than others. You are what you are; don’t try to be like others. You have your own ‘charm!’”

And we guess we certainly have been caught with the charm of that passionate, techie blogger from the Aussie.


Our fifth featured blogger is one of Bloggista’s first ever online blogging buddies when it comes to SEO and online social networking activities to drive readers and traffic to our blogs. We are both connected on entrecard, digg, reddit, stumbleupon and other networks and have both tried stuffs like beer credits, project wonderful, blog hopping and commenting campaigns. Michael Reza Aulia hails from Melbourne, Australia.

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