christmas-bellHave nothing much to say but just wish a very merry and blessed Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas, and happy holidays to everyone.

This year has been so fruitful for, although there was a big reduction in blogging time and posts, but the website network and domains have grown 300%.

Almost two years ago, in January 2008, I made an investment – USD10.00 for domain and 60USD hosting, but since then, that investment have given me more than a thousand percent ROI.

My quests to make money online even as a newbie have yielded fruitful results. Although not as impressive as what others probably have made, those were significant achievements to me.

For one, adsense is regularly sending money (every month), there’s Chitika, Infolinks, and marketing programs like GDI and SFI are going strong and promising.

Two years ago I had no idea making money online was possible. I wasted so much time playing online games, DOTA, chatting on YM, friendster, myspace and other stuffs.

I’m just so glad I came across the GDI program which opened my life to a new world in passive income earning. Yes, making money online is one good passive income option, but it’s not as easy as what others may tell you.

You need to put a huge amount of effort and dedication, passion and commitment to what you are doing. You need to socialize with like-minded people, learn their ways and learn new things.

You need to be able to quickly recognize your mistakes, and do things better next time.

Making money online is possible – but only for those who believe in it, and have the heart and the will to pursue it.

Next year will be another great year especially for, as new ideas and strategies will be put in place – check out for it.

Also, to celebrate’s 2nd year “anniversary” on January 10, 2009, special ‘simple’ gifts and surprises will be given away to lucky visitors and friends who always visit this site. Also watch out for it. I’m just finalizing the prizes and donors like ThirdWorldGeek and Ceblogger. Other interested to sponsor may contact me.

Again, thank you and GOD bless us all!