doc-zorloneWhere do you usually get your dose of creative writing? For Pinoy bloggers, there is always Zorlone, giving you your daily dose of inspirational creative literature pieces straight from this literature lover.

Zorlone, or Lorenz as known to other friends in the blogosphere, is actually a doctor who has a passion for writing. This doctor apparently loves to write fiction and poetry, as reflected in his blog.

The young doctor/writer/blogger got his medical degree from the University of Santo Tomas. He currently has a small clinic somewhere in Balintawak, Quezon City. On the other hand, this does not stop him from writing daily doses of literature pieces in his blog, as well as joining the recent NaNoWriMo 2009 where he managed to finish a 50,000-word (or even more) novel in just 28 days.

Zorlone, also known as Doc Z, has started to blog around February of 2009, which makes him fairly new around this fiction and poetry niche. However, he has certainly proven that time does not hinder him from being a successful and known blogger with beautiful pieces of literature.

Doc Z went onto blogging because of a certain meeting with Jena Isle in an online forum. From that day on, JenaIsle helped him, and he moved on to writing his own blog which definitely improved his literary skills.

Of course, who wouldn’t remember Doc Z’s guest post here ( when he happily and willingly wrote about this season’s Pinoy Big Brother’s Housemates? Yes, this talented doctor is the one who has checked the health situations of the much-loved (or hated, if you insist) housemates in that popular blue-and-yellow house around Quezon City.

He still considers himself as a newbie in the blogosphere, although he considers meeting people online and attending blog events a great factor to promoting his blog. He says that he knows his niche is not quite popular, but it’s what introduced him to the blogosphere.  We say that his blog contains lots of must-read pieces in its niche.

Aside from, he also has where he writes stories and blog posts containing 140 words. Surely, this man can tell a fancy and interesting stuff in just 140 words.

I always think that the words we leave online are immortal. It also reflects who we are in real life. We can only hide in our Avatars for a time, but our true colors would be clear as daylight once we translate our thoughts in words in our posts, comments, and everything else we do in cyberspace. – Doc Z

And we’re sure that a lot of people feel the same way, too.


Our sixth featured blogger is Bloggista’s idol when it comes to “luring” women and girls with powerful poetry and 140-word proses and verses (mostly romantically action-packed fiction stories). Doc Z is also the reason why we would stretch some beer-drinking sessions to early mornings and several more buckets – we have a ready, on-site internist to rescue us just in case. ^evil-grin^.

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