fb-mafiawars-bangkokMafia Wars, a popular Facebook game (which is also available in MySpace, Tagged, Yahoo, etc.) is set to release its new destination in January 2010, the Mafia Wars Bangkok.

This was announced early in December 2009, when Mafia Wars gamers began collecting 3 loot items which are required in getting a Thai Passport and travel to Bangkok once it is available.

These 3 loot items were found in New York  job tier and are as follows:

  1. Triad Coin – found in Asian Museum Break-in – Soldier tier
  2. Yakuza Sake – found in Repel the Yakuza – Hitman tier
  3. Thai Note – found in Smuggle Thai Gems – Enforcer-  tier

Mafia Wars Bangkok Inventory Items

Also, the Zynga Forum posted the Weapons, Armors and Vehicles inventory items (which were later deleted). The following were the inventory items that were supposed to be looted/purchased when Mafia Wars Bangkok is released.

There is no guarantee, however that these items are accurate, as Zynga, the developer of Mafia Wars and other popular Facebook games like Zynga Poker, YoVille and Farmville, may change them.

Mafia Wars Bangkok Weapons

Attack Cobra, Komodo Dragon, Bullhook, Bo Staff, Jade Inlaid Pistol, Forest Scorpion, Hung Fa RPG, Harpoon Cannon, Cleaver, Tanto, Type-103 Machine Gun, Scalding Hot Tea, TAR-21, Raion Assault Rifle, Typhoon Cleavers, Chinese Army Knife, Chinese Army Pistol, Thai Sword, Chinese Army Assault Rifle, Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun

Mafia Wars Bangkok Armors

Muai Thai Bodyguard, Silk Scarf, Monk’s Robe, Royal Thai Army Beret, Shaolin Bodyguard, Optical Camo Suit, Ronin Armor, Tiger Sak Yant, Kowloon Police Uniform, Silk PJs, Wrist Wraps, Khen Shield, Royal Thai Army Helmet, Tabi, Yakuza Assassin

Mafia Wars Bangkok Vehicles

Tuk Tuk, Riding Elephant, Royal Thai Army Jeep, Royal Thai Police Tank, Dirt Bike, Lloyds Spectre, Bosozoku Convertible, Seua Daao Sub, Kage Jet, Armored War Elephant, Fugama Kame SUV, Moped, Long Boat, Thai Compact, Japanese Sedan, Junk, Fugama Hasu (Lotus), PLA Armored Car, Malay Mobil Helang

Mafia Wars Bangkok Factions: Triad and Yakuza

Just like in Mafia Wars Moscow Episode where players get to choose between two factions, Thieves in Law Vory or Russian Mafiya, Mafia Wars Bangkok also lets players choose between two factions, the Triad (Chinese Gang) or the Yakuza (Japanese Gang).

As posted in its in-game announcement:

For decades, the Japanese Yakuza and Chinese Triads have battled for control over the lucrative criminal markets of Thailand. As a newcomer, you’ll need to choose a side to succeed in Bangkok. This isn’t a one-way relationship, though – as you increase your standing with your chosen faction, you’ll also earn access to additional items to fill out your arsenal.

Mafia Wars Bangkok scheduled release date

It was initially believed that Mafia Wars Bangkok will be released in December 2009, however recent announcement in the Mafia Wars Official blog said that it will be released in mid January, 2010.

So better get those Thai loot items ready to get your Thai Passport as soon as Mafia Wars Bangkok is available. Now, which faction will you choose?