dexter-panganibanThe continuous development of technology these days pave way to various tech blogs all over the world and all over the online Filipino cyberspace.

But only the worthy gets to stay, such as, basically because readers find their articles and blog posts to be continually helpful and informational, as opposed to others who get too wound up in the SEO race. is your one-stop website for SEO stuff, gadgets, technology and various blogging tips and stories from his personal experiences. Written and maintained by Dexter Panganiban, you would surely be surprised to know that he is actually a Mechanical Engineer who worked in Saudi Arabia.

He began blogging some three years ago when he was looking for some good gadgets. His search brought him to some blogs, with posts about their income from blogging. He eventually went on to read about it, amazed by the possibility of having some kind of income from the Internet. He began commenting in other blogs, and the rest is history. was a winner of the Professional Blog Category from the Digital Filipino Web Awards, and has received a number of mentions in other blogs. However, he does not consider that his blog already boomed as he still has some goals to do.

Dexter has a number of blogs, although and his personal blog are the two blogs which he actively updates. His personal blog holds a lot of personal posts that further show Dexter’s love for his family, and for his Christian faith.

Says Dexter –

As what I always tell to other new bloggers, don’t just focus on earnings or else your blogging career will not last. Be friendly, and politely ask others for tips.

I always believe that no one is an island and therefore collaboration is an important part of the blogosphere. Always respond to questions and comments thrown in your blog.

Check your analytics and know how you could improve.

Dexter loves experimenting on his sites, improving page ranks and optimizing it for search engines.

So we guess we’d be reading more great posts on SEO and blogging from this multi-talented Mechanical Engineer.


If you’re a Pinoy Blogger you will surely recognize his face – from entrecard, blogcatalog, mybloglog and facebook, Dexter’s avatar has become an icon in the Filipino blogging community. Dexter of is one of Bloggista’s early “mentor” when it comes to SEO and blogging. He is Bloggista’s seventh featured blogger.

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